Three-way diesel

Frankfurt, 18. September 2013 – on the iaa (until 22. September 2013) maserati not only introduces the new ghibli, but also the first diesel variant in the 50-year history of the quattropist. The three-liter v6 turbo in both models provides 275 hp and a maximum torque of 600 nm between 1800 and 2800 tours. So fired, the quattroporte diesel sprints in 6.4 seconds on tempo 100 and creates 250 km / h top.

The machine has a common rail injection with up to 2000 bar, a turbocharger with variable geometry and is coupled to a new eight gear automatic transmission of zf. When saving, a start-stop system should help. According to the factory, the sedan consumes 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers, the co2 outstob is 167 grams per kilometer.

With two sound generators

According to the manufacturer, the quattroporte sounds like this, "how to expect it from a maserati". Responsible is the active sound system, which was used in the ghibli diesel for the first time. It comprises two sound generators in the near the exhaust end pipes, which emphasize the comfort of the motor’s comfortable sounds depending on the driving style. At the touch of a button, the sound can still be saved. The quattroporte diesel will be launched at the end of 2013 and will be the new entry-level model of the model series. A precise price has not been mentioned yet, we expect about 95.000 euro.

The opposition in the bundestag has accused the government a missed transport policy. The green and the fdp demanded more funds for rail, cycling and transport. As the federal government’s response to a green request, the federation between 2006 and 2018 ied around 74 billion for the construction and maintenance of highways and federal sausages, but only one billion euros for cycle paths. On thursday (12. September 2019) stands in the budget advice in the bundestag of the transport office 2020 on the program.

Less money for cycling

The green members stefan yellow hair said the dpa, transport minister andreas scheuer (csu) wool no road: "the fountain in the investments in federal radios fast from year to year and more rapidly into the high. The few money for cycling should even take effect despite grobmauliger’s announcements of the minister via better cycling policy in 2020."

Not responsible

The federal government refers in the answer that the countries, circles and municipalities are contiguous for construction and conservation of cycling routes. The covenant invested in bike paths on federal hubs. Yellow hair criticized, scrubbering like his transactions in the 20th. Century. "He concrete for millions of millions in strains for the year. Climate protection does not work, road turning not even."

Data scientists urgently wanted

The use of data analytics in german companies is braked by the lack of data scientists and data engineers. Therefore, the service providers invest in the appropriate further education of their employees. This goes out of the "isg provider lens analytics – solutions and service partners report germany 2020" the information services group (isg) published. The increasing automation of many places with the help of analytics software can hardly alleviate the lack of data science professionals.

According to the isg report, the data analytics market was experienced in recent years through preparatory maws such as conception and design. Only now german companies could take a significant number of analytics products. The amount of analytics algorithms can be quickly increased by self-service tools and machine learning, but until the automation is correct, be it even in the big german companies.

Analytics market represented by specialists

On the one hand, the isg study currently lists many special providers in the german market, which could establish themselves with their highly qualified data experts in the market. On the other hand, there are globally operating service providers, which are above all with automation points. "Without a sufficient number of data scients and data engineers, however, is not today", so isg analyst henning dransfeld, "because only you can define the application trap and design that you also bring the company to the desired value".

Lexus in paris: world premiere for convertible is 250c

Koln, 10. September 2008 – with three premieres, lexus presents itself at the paris motor show 2008 (4. Until 19 october): as a world premiere, the japanese show the cabriolet is 250c. In addition to seeing the french capital: the overworked is sedan and the ls 460 awd with permanent four-wheel drive.

Convertible with folding roof

The is 250c expands the offer of the is series after the sedan and the high-performance model is f for another variant. The cabriolet has a fully retractable, three-part light metal folding roof. Further information and images wants to inform lexus only to the fair.

Innovations at is

The first appearance also experiences the visually discreetly updated and technically upgraded is sedan on the seine. In addition, among other things, a modified front tapping, new tail lights and in the inlet mirrors integrated side indicators. Due to targeted modifications to chassis, steering and gearbox, the is artistic more driving dynamics. The integrated driving dynamics control vdim will be under the new vintage for all is models for standard equipment. In addition, the co2 emissions of the is 220d were reduced by aerodynamic fine work and changes to the gearbox by three percent. With the is 220d sport, the improvement thanks to a new rear axle replacement even thanks to eight percent.

Triple saves better

Ingolstadt / detroit, 13. January 2014 – audi is currently emitting such a considerable amount of studies that you can ever lose overview. It is therefore almost apologetic whenever development board ulrich hackenberg introduces the compact all-road with plug-in hybrid drive, the audi on the north american international auto show in detroit, "a very concrete view into the near future" is called. In the dreamy and three-engine shooting brake study shows audi on the car show of 13. To 26. January optical elements of simple sports car models, also the operating concept preserved series outlook. At 2.51 meters wheelbase, the car is 4.20 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and 1.41 meters high, these are dimensions similar to the a3.

Sliding center console

At 2.51 meter wheelbase, the car is 4.20 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and 1.41 meters high – these are dimensions similar to the a3. If you move the seat long, the center console moves with, so that the controls remain within reach. But since people with long legs regularly have long-slee arms, an individual fine adjustment is also possible. Say who pushes the seat backwards, the console must then jerk forward. You could probably have that cheaper.

As with the short presented animal interior of the new tt, the regulators for seat heating, temperature, orientation and strong of the airflow are in the middle of the round airduers; when accepting the hand you drive off. The menu structure of the mmi system should orient itself to smartphones, also the free text search. The touchpad of the mmi terminal allows quick scrolling and zooming. A coarse display in the center console is missing, there is only a 12.3-inch screen in front of the driver. In the classic view, the powermeter for the plug-in hybrid drive and the speedometer are in the foreground, in infotainment mode dominates the navigation card, and in sports mode, the tachometer is highlighted. Another future feature is the "phone box", which binds the mobile phone to the on-board electronics and charged as needed by induction.