CAT S62 Pro: Outdoor smartphone with improved hot picture camera

Manufacturer bullitt has introduced the outdoor mobile phone cat s62 pro. The rugged smartphone is particularly suitable for professional use, according to the manufacturer: it should be particularly robust and stormally exceeds up to 1.8 meters high. The cat s62 pro is also protected by ip68 against dust and water. Warm and cold should also tolerate the outdoor mobile phone, temperatures of -25 degrees up to 55 degrees celsius are no problem according to the manufacturer. The display is protected by gorilla glas 6.

The cat s62 pro is also interesting because of its hot image technology: manufacturer bullitt relies on a 3.5-sensor from flir lepton, which can measure temperatures from -20 degrees up to 400 degrees celsius. This hot picture camera is intended to provide a high resolution as previous solutions in cat smartphones and react sensitive to small temperature differences. There is a little extra advantage of the cat mobile phones: it consists of a single module with 12 megapixels and support dual-pixel technology. Front sits a selfie camera with 8 megapixels.

Snapdragon upgrade

In the well-protected interior of the cat s62 pro, a snapdragon 660 operates – an upgrade to the snapdragon 630, which worked in the process model cat s61. The main memory is 6 gb, the internal storage space amounts to 128 gb and can be extended via a microsd slot. The battery is roughly rough with 4000 mah.

genetic engineering 2.0: old problems, new tools

Rapeseed field. Image: bernd schroder

Genome editors aim to make plant breeding faster and more accurate – and increase customer acceptance. Part 2

Cibus: "globally acceptable, non-transgenic traits for all major crops"

Large agribusiness companies are currently exploring the possibilities of new genome editing technologies in plant breeding, and biotech start-ups are also looking for their share of the pie. How, for example, cibus. Su canola, a canola variety tolerant to sulfonylurea herbicides, had been applied to fields in north dakota and montana in 2016. The potential is immense: canola is grown on about nine million hectares in north america, and the trend is rising.

Mercedes c 63 amg coupe black series

Affalterbach, 25. July 2011 – an amg lettering on the tail of a mercedes points out: here comes the strongest of his model series. The heavy vehicles are trimmed in affalterbach on sportiness. The roots of the mercedes tuner are in motorsport. In order to clarify the technology transfer from the racetrack to the strain, amg has been based on the black series on the basis of the production vehicles since 2006 – a mixture of racetrack-suitable bolides and supercar with stripzulang. The youngest scion of the special line is the c 63 amg coupe black series – the strongest c-class of all time.

Bulliger appearance

Visually, you can see the black series version compared to the series c class of amg mainly at the striking air stone on the bonnet. The feces of the coupe were reminiscent of 28 millimeters and rear by 42 millimeters widened air outcomes behind the wheel excerpts to racing vehicles. At the lower front area there is a black splitter, which is continued by black strips on the side thresholds.

The black diffuser at the rear of black series protrudes a short stucco beyond the profile. The leaflet painted leaving edge at the trunk lid should reduce the buoyancy on the rear axle. Optionally, the coupe can be ordered with a fixed carbon tailflight with adjustable aircraft sheet. Serial mabig is the c-class on 19-inch light metal bread. At the stern besides the amg lettering the addition "black series". On both front feces are the numbers 6.3 attached – a reference to the engine, which slumbers in the bug the special line.

Mini cooper coupe by ac schnitzer tunt

Aachen, 4. January 2012 – ac schnitzer has made the new mini cooper coupe as the first tuner. Among other things, new rims and a hearty toning exhaust system.

More traction

Although the performance increases for sd and s are still in preparation, for a good traction, but also in tight curves should already provide the schnitzer-block differential. It offers a blocking effect of up to 75 percent. The driving experience should also contribute the acoustic qualities of the stainless steel stoppaper with chromed racing exhaust cover.

No spoilers on offer

In addition, a four-piston brake system with slotted slices can be ordered. In addition, a high-adjustable racing race, a harder springs set, an aluminum-cathedral strut and a new stabilizer for the rear axle can be ordered. Fans of body attachments such as spoilers or sill widening will be more destroyed by this schnitzer conversion. Currently there are only a decor set and a rear sticker "technology design" to have. The customer also has the choice between bicolor rims in 18 inches or silver gases in 17 inches. In addition, a switch knob with digital gear indicator, an aluminum pedalerie, a bucket use, a hand brake handle called "black line" and fub mats from velours.

Lexus ct 200h in the driving report

Cascais (portugal), 14. February 2011 – lexus is an established brand in germany, but well 2000 vehicles sold as in 2010 are basically too little. The new model ct 200h should and must change something that starts as a hybrid vehicle in the compact class. Lexus uses preserved toyota technology and enriches the whole with more luxury and improved suspension technology, combined with a less futuristic, setting ambience in the interior. That the lexus costs more than a tooyota, it is clear, but he can also settle away from this?

Hybrid system from the prius

The drive system distinguishes the lexus as well as nothing of the gentlere toyota brutern prius and auris. The ct 200h, like the prius, has a 1.8-liter gasoline 73 kw (99 hp) and a 60 kw (82 hp) strong electric motor. This results in a system performance of 136 hp. As a battery, a nickel-metal hydride battery is used as a nickel metal hydride. Lithium-ion batteries offered the same capacity with less volume, but the production capacity for this battery type was not built in the group, so lexus. The reliability of the newer technique is not yet well assessed. Like the prius, the lexus can drive about two kilometers loud and emissionlessly electrically electric, at a maximum of 45 km / h. As long as the battery charge allows it, you can force the electro mode by reading the ev button. By knob with the eco, normal and sports positions, determine how the hybrid drive reacts to the gas command, whereby other systems such as steering and esp are influenced.

Rubber band effect

If you accelerate with the ct 200h, it looks like a car with cvt gearbox: the car inserts load-dependent speed until you reach the desired speed to get quiet again. That he sometimes turns high than expected is quite wanted. It serves to operate in an effective area, whereas at constant ride a possible amount of surplus for economical operation ensures – and the low amustere level, which is actually expected in this class.

Call for permanent prohibition of face recognition in the EU

French and italian burgerrellers hope to reach with a petition a permanent spell of automated facial recognition in the eu. They complain that in at least 15 european countries such as germany, great britain, the czech republic, danemark, greece, hungary, the netherlands, switzerland and serbia are already experienced without a public debate and ordinary legal framework tests for the use of controversial biometric identification technology. This development must be stopped.

Online petition

With an online petition, which can be participated, the initiators want to ask the eu parliament and the commission, the outgoing "to take the enormous threat of human rights and our civil society seriously and to adopt laws for the immediate and permanent prohibition of identification and profiling by means of facial recognition technology throughout europe".

It deals with an approach that deep into the fundamental rights. In the technology, not only activists, suspicious and minorities could be monitored, it is called in the campaign writing. The privacy of all burger is in danger. In france, for example, facial recognition is implemented as part of a new online identity card. The police use individual procedures there already for law enforcement in public space. Poland i used to enforce lockdown regulations in the fight against the corona pandemic.

Cyber attacks and electoral manipulation: US behave sanctions against Russia

The us government plans to introduce sanctions against russia on thursday. According to various us media, including reuters, the sanctions are against more than 30 russian facilities. In addition, 10 people from the united states should be reported. The reason for these measures is the cyber attacks of 2020 with solar wind software called us state and private computer networks of the us, which should be of russian origin. Likewise, the russian president vladimir putin is accused of having supported the re-election of donald trumps to the us prasident against joe biden with desinformation campaign.

Meanwhile, the us government has confirmed sanctions against russia. The female house explains in the statement: "today the united states is formally naming the russian foreign intelligence service (svr), so known as apt 29, cozy bear, and the dukes, as the perpetrator of the broad scope cyber espionage campaign that exploited the solarwinds orion platform and other information technology infrastructures. The u.S. Intelligence community has high confidence in its assessment of attribution to the svr." at the same time, the biden government emphasizes the meaning of one "open, interoperable, safe and reliable internet". Russian actions ran down these goals divided by many composites and partners, diametrically. The united states now strengthened their efforts for a responsible action of states in cyberspace and for the creation of a corresponding framework for the states. In addition, you want to expand the commitment to collective security in cyberspace.

The ministry of finance has named six russian technology companies, according to the prasidential order, who cooperate with the russian secret service in his cyber program. In addition, sanctions were detected against 32 companies and individuals who wanted to influence the us prassidal elections 2020 and undertaken other disinformation and mixing actions. Eight other people were set to the sanction list because they in the crimea with the casting and vacuum by russia in the crimea. Ten employees of the russian embassy are reported; they are referred to as representatives of russian intelligence services.