The swedish mechanical engineer sandvik has solved a problem that has existed since the 1950s: synthetic diamonds can only be very bad.

Plastic meets diamond powder

Now the swedes have developed a procedure to produce artificial diamonds by 3d printing, more precisely by stereolithography.

In this case, diamond powder is irradiated in a liquid polymer layer for layer with a uv laser, cured and recently reworked. At this point, sandvik’s manufacturing process differs from the usual stereolithography print.

While the west has been able to set the agenda in kiev, moscow, along with the state media, has been able to bide its time after the crimean move and the protests in eastern ukraine

Just as western governments and most western media backed the euromaidan movement against the yanukovych government and russia, and supported it financially, with personnel, and through attention alone, things are going the same way for the pro-russian anti-maidan movements. While moscow is pushing for ukraine’s federalization and neutrality, the russian media is overflowing with coverage of the protests, quite obviously to add to their weight.

The ukrainian government is currently lamed. An ultimatum has expired, the activists have not responded to it, the first fights are taking place. And allegedly, the russian military is lurking near the border just waiting to move in to protect the russian-speaking and russian people. Tomorrow, representatives of ukraine, russia, the eu and the u.S. Will meet. In the run-up there are apparently already irritations.

Are students from arab countries discriminated against in germany??

The tenor of the press release of the student association fzs sounds exaggerated. There is talk of racist discrimination and attitude tests for foreign students in germany. The practice of questioning fellow students from so-called dangerous countries who are applying for a residence permit in germany is criticized. As a rule, this refers to countries with a muslim population.

The legal basis for these surveys lies in section 73 of the federal residence act, which authorizes the interior ministers of the countries to conduct specific surveys. Particularly criticized by students is the decree ied by the state of north rhine-westphalia on 11.July 2007, which remains secret to this day. Even the parliamentarians of the state parliament of nrw are not aware of the decree, which makes parliamentary control impossible, emphasizes the fzs.