The anti-intellectual donald and the intellectual idiots

King trump with his farts. Image: woman’s house

Real game of thrones

In the real game of thrones, there are no good guys and no bad guys, at least not in the long run; even how the individual characters develop is not always foreseeable. Since the guild of demoscopes and coffee-readers had fundamentally disgraced itself by unanimously predicting hillary’s victory, even the divinations of who or what would turn out for good or ill were hardly to be trusted any more. Just as little as the heralds and loudspeakers who have been feeding the kingdom for months with the fact-free conspiracy theory that king donald had been killed by the "ultra-rare" vladimir was controlled.

Three nissan premieres in geneva: gt-r, murano and pivo 2

Bruhl, 12. February 2008 – with three european premieres, nissan comes to the automotive salon after geneva: the super sports car gt-r, the zero-emissions car pivo and the overworked suv murano.

New gt-r from 2009

At the heart of the interest was allowed to stand the super sports car gt-r. The vehicle is powered by a newly developed 3.8-liter twinturbo-v6 with 480 hp power and 588 newton meter torque. The force is distributed over a four-wheel system and a double-clutch transmission arranged in transaxle construction with manual switching possibility to all four raders. The driver can adjust the steamer characteristic, the switching behavior of the gearbox and the settings of the stability control the external driving conditions and the personal preferences. The sale of nissan gt-r starts in marz 2009. The price will not be announced at the geneva salon.

Murano with scratch protection

Despite some changes on the aub design, the second model generation of the murano is to be recognized at first sight as such. Inside, the new model offers the main passengers of high travel comfort, the manufacturer. The well-known 3.5-liter v6 from the vq series serves as a drive. The engine now develops 265 instead of 234 hp.

Semiconductor factories: Samsung builds 5-NM-Fab, GlobalFoundries gives China Fab

In sudkorean hwaseong creates a second production litter for silicon chips. In addition to the so-called fab v1, samsung builds a second complex, which will expose from the second year 2021 silicon wafer with 300 mm diameter and structures of 5 nanometers. Father follow finer manufacturing processes like 3 nm.

The construction has announced samsung as part of a communication. Such projects cost today several billion euros. The previous v1-fab approximately devastated 5.6 billion euros – 5-nm series production should begin there in the second half of 2020. New buildings are necessary from 5 nm because necessary exposure machines with high numerical aperture (high-na-euv) take more space.

From 2019 to 2030 samsung plant investments of a total of $ 138 billion in its semiconductor division. The company produces its own silicon chips such as exynos processors for its galaxy smartphones, but also works as a handler. Both amd and nvidia have already produced 14-nm gpus at samsung.

Beautiful muse: lancia musa 'bellezza' special model

Frankfurt a. M., 7. May 2007 – with the limited edition musa model "bellezza" (italian for "beauty") lancia wanted to combine the utility of a compact van with an elegantly luxurious ambience. From the outside, the special model can be identified by its 15-inch coarse alloy wheels and the new exterior color "weib pastel". Alternatively, the colors "peyrano brown pastel", "masaccio black", "rossini gray" and "vasari mother of pearl" are available.

Fine partial leather trim

The "castiliano" partial leather trim has been color-coordinated with the exterior and is available in "ivory" or "mocha brown". The seat bolsters and side panels are finished in leather, while the microfiber fabric of the center panels is said to offer a suede-like surface feel and feel. The steering wheel and gearshift knob are also covered in leather.

Numerous comfort features

Further equipment details are a central locking system with remote control, electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, fog lights and rear parking sensors. Air conditioning, audio system with cd radio, multifunction radio buttons on the steering wheel, center armrest and lumbar support for the front seats.

Verdict: Mobile service provider must ensure final customer freedom

Mobile service providers can not require their customers that they use a tariff for internet access only with certain advantages. The district court of munche i decided against a lawsuit of the federal association of consumer centers (vzbv) against telefonica germany. At the tariff "o2 free unlimited" with unlimited data volume, the provider had allowed internet usage only for terminates that make a mobile use independently of a wired power connection – stationary lte routers were excluded.

According to the judgment published by vzbv (az.: 12 o 6343/20) of 28. January violates this barrier against the eu regulation for an open internet of 2015, with which the european legislator has stipulated the network neutritat. This is the right to use the right to use your choice of your choice via your internet access service.

Clause ineffective

With the specification of telefonica, according to the judges, numerous gates that are not used for internet access and liberated. This is not to be agreed with the basic idea of the final freedom of contents. This "first of all and prohibits contractual deviations at the expense of the customer". The controversial clause is ineffective, because they inappropriate consumers as a contractual partner inappropriate disadvantage.

Three-way diesel

Frankfurt, 18. September 2013 – on the iaa (until 22. September 2013) maserati not only introduces the new ghibli, but also the first diesel variant in the 50-year history of the quattropist. The three-liter v6 turbo in both models provides 275 hp and a maximum torque of 600 nm between 1800 and 2800 tours. So fired, the quattroporte diesel sprints in 6.4 seconds on tempo 100 and creates 250 km / h top.

The machine has a common rail injection with up to 2000 bar, a turbocharger with variable geometry and is coupled to a new eight gear automatic transmission of zf. When saving, a start-stop system should help. According to the factory, the sedan consumes 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers, the co2 outstob is 167 grams per kilometer.

With two sound generators

According to the manufacturer, the quattroporte sounds like this, "how to expect it from a maserati". Responsible is the active sound system, which was used in the ghibli diesel for the first time. It comprises two sound generators in the near the exhaust end pipes, which emphasize the comfort of the motor’s comfortable sounds depending on the driving style. At the touch of a button, the sound can still be saved. The quattroporte diesel will be launched at the end of 2013 and will be the new entry-level model of the model series. A precise price has not been mentioned yet, we expect about 95.000 euro.

Data scientists urgently wanted

The use of data analytics in german companies is braked by the lack of data scientists and data engineers. Therefore, the service providers invest in the appropriate further education of their employees. This goes out of the "isg provider lens analytics – solutions and service partners report germany 2020" the information services group (isg) published. The increasing automation of many places with the help of analytics software can hardly alleviate the lack of data science professionals.

According to the isg report, the data analytics market was experienced in recent years through preparatory maws such as conception and design. Only now german companies could take a significant number of analytics products. The amount of analytics algorithms can be quickly increased by self-service tools and machine learning, but until the automation is correct, be it even in the big german companies.

Analytics market represented by specialists

On the one hand, the isg study currently lists many special providers in the german market, which could establish themselves with their highly qualified data experts in the market. On the other hand, there are globally operating service providers, which are above all with automation points. "Without a sufficient number of data scients and data engineers, however, is not today", so isg analyst henning dransfeld, "because only you can define the application trap and design that you also bring the company to the desired value".