For the referendum, the parliament invokes the case of kosovo, the interim government in kiev has declared a partial mobilization of the armed forces

The parliament of the autonomous republic of crimea has already declared independence from ukraine ahead of sunday’s scheduled referendum. 78 out of 81 mps voted in favor of the declaration, which, with reference to kosovo (kosovo: leap into the dark unknown), invokes the opinion of the united nations international court of justice (icj) that a unilateral declaration of independence of a part of the country "does not violate the general international law". The eu and the usa, which have supported kosovo’s independence, can hardly object to this reasoning.

The government declares that now one no longer speaks of the autonomous republic of crimea, but only of the republic of crimea. Parliament speaker vladimir konstantinov said that after this declaration of independence crimea will never again be a part of ukraine: "the country in which we have lived until now no longer exists. We are going our own way and we are trying to do this quickly." if the referendum on sunday goes in favor of the pro-russian majority, crimea is to become part of russia and import the ruble as its currency. A new party has formed in parliament under the name of "for the new russian crimea" formed, which 70 of the 100 deputies want to join.

Cookie hints are important to users, nerves many but also

Cookie banners meet the users on shared echo: according to an opinion poll of the industry association bitkom, they feel 46 percent of the respondents as a critical information, but 43 percent are only annoyed by the steady indications. One-third of the respondents take them out for overflowed.

Since the entry into force of the dsgvo websites are obliged to inform users comprehensively on the use of cookies and to provide them for their use of their use. However, bitkom’s survey returned that 43 percent of respondents do not observe these hints and just click the menus. 26 percent do not perceive the hints.

"However, the current specifications rather drove that the banners are simply rocked away than that users actually deal with the information", susanne dehmel says, member of the bitkom business. It also criticizes the upcoming eprivacy regulation, which would lead to further clues.

Yesterday was reported by american media that the lexus gx 460 of consumer reports is called security risk associated with the recommendation not to buy this car – "a do not buy" this is called the organization. Consumer reports is a kind "stiftung warentest" the united states, calls itself as a non-profit organization, does not accept advertising from sub-or free test objects. The magazine of the same name is below the top ten of the country and should have more than eight million subscribers.

Consumer reports had reported that the lexus gx 460 breaks down strongly at the limit on the limit on the limit before the esp reacted. Four test engineers came to the same result as they have the so-called "lift off-oversteer" performed, a driving manove in which one takes away the accelerator pedal in a curve to check the reaction of the car. This driving situation can be in the "true world" for example, if you use a motorway exit, suddenly an obstacle appears in a curve, or you’re simply too fast. The testers drove this attempt with each vehicle, also with all suvs. In the currently 95 suvs in the rating, this behavior did not occur, not even at the toyota 4runner, which uses the same platform as the failed lexus.

Toyota has responded to the reports within a day and asked everything lexus handlers prompted the gx 460 for the time being for the time being. So far, the company was able to sell about 6000 copies of the model, which had come to the market last december. Meanwhile, toyota also stopped the sale of the gx 460 in the neighboring canada, as the wall street journal reported. Toyota shows himself against the customer: every builder who has concerns to drive his gx 460, gets a rental car to the declaration for free. Consumer reports hopes that toyota can easily offer a software update possible, but until then, however, advice to take care of a motorway or on winding strain.

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video show

How to start the weekend today? Naturally as always racy with hollish speed and without brake: bitteschon. (a tip we owe to a reader.) if this is too fast for you, you can make an ass of yourself. Or try this rather strange recreational spab.

The blonde and the goat

Thanksgiving was yesterday, but we don’t celebrate it here, nevertheless for our numerous american readers and friends we have the appropriate song by adam sandler for the feast. And now it’s getting animalistic: animal bucks also love blondes, as this little film proves. Salmon, on the other hand, have a hard time in modern road traffic. Squids, by the way, also. And now actually only cats are missing: this specimen apparently loves bird. Simon’s cat is a very special representative of its breed. And – haha – katz goldt sings the praises of estonian truthfulness.

Three times two liters: renault laguna, ford mondeo and mazda 6 in the test

Munchen, 14. April 2008 – audi a4, bmw 3er or mercedes c-class each claim the top position among the compact limousines for themselves, but we leave it for today’s rating-neutral alphabetical payment. Away from internal ranking within this classy as high priced trio, it is not surprised that other manufacturers claim their shard at this lucrative vehicle segment. For comparable amounts and driving performance, they want to score with a favorable price-performance ratio. With renault laguna, ford mondeo and mazda 6, three aspirants with 2-liter gasoline engine are against each other in our test.

Body / interior

Since there is him only a funfturer, the renault laguna rolls on with coarse rear cover for comparison with the two limousines. Under the gross flap, however, a just 462 liters hides rough trunk – the lowest value in the field. After all, the car is simply loaded with bulky objects. To open the rear cover there is no special handle, you have to take under the lid edge. At the front, the gap is looked at between stobbing and bonnet as if this is not closed properly. But everything is correct, it is actually the air intake for cooling and engine. Otherwise, the laguna looks quite faded, especially the stern can almost go through and was allowed to hit the mass taste – no self-consolidation with the french design extravagances.

He is the biggest

The ford mondeo stands out visually among the three candidates. And not from about approximately: with a long of 4.85 meters he surpasses the mazda by ten and the renault even by 15 centimeters. Also with its width of 1.89 meters he stands worshiper than the two competitors. Only in the high must the mondeo be beaten by a centimeter to the laguna. With 540 liters trunk volume, the mondeo has the nose again. We have him as a fourth door in the test, but there is also him as a funfturer with coarse flap. The only one of the candidates the ford offers a shaped handle edge to open the tailgate.

Ups, according to own information of the world-growing parcel delivery service, has put its first purely electrically operated delivery vehicle in germany in germany. The transporters used in hamburg comes from the british company modec. Aerial reminiscent of the small truck largely reminiscent of the classic, brown ups delivery vehicle of type p60.

For the drive, a 75 kw strong electric motor ensures a maximum torque of 300 nm. Charging the battery takes place via an external charger and lasts according to ups "in the battery-type used in germany", which is not described, an average of eight to nine hours. The range in the delivery procedure in a coozadt is 90 to 100 km. As with hybrid vehicles, ubrid, when galvanizing, makeup power energy into electricity (recuperation) – so the vehicle is prowninized for the city traffic. The highest speed is limited to 80 km / h as with all ups delivery vehicles.

In germany, the logistics provider wants to use further funf vehicles of this kind, ups germany announced. In london, an electric transporter of the same type since april 2008 in the day-to-day use. On the 10th. November had a manufacturer modec concerning that ups has currently ordered a total of two vehicles, one of which was determined for the coincidence and the other for germany.

Federal countries use Luca app for tracking

For tracking corona infection chains, the state of lower saxony has completed a one-year-old contract for using the luca app. The costs amounted to three million euros, shared the ministry of the interior in hanover on friday. The app should help with the model experiments of individual municipalities who want to test openings in trade, gastronomy or culture after easter. Until a month, all 43 niedersachsian health officers should be connected to the system of the luca app.

Mecklenburg-vorpommern, baden-wurttemberg and thuringen already use the luca app. For corona contact for visitors of the federal garden show in erfurt, according to minister prosident bodo ramelow (left), in addition to the corona warn app, the luca app should also be used. This is part of a comprehensive protection concept for the coarse event, said ramelow on saturday in erfurt. Electronic contact with the luca app is already rehearsed in a model project beginning on this monday in weimar to the opening of business and museums under pandem conditions. This is also a test for the federal garden show, which on the 23. April should be opened in erfurt.

Hesse introduces contact tracking via luca app

Hesse also wants to use the luca app for digital contact tracking. With the introduction of the app, the vaccine and test strategy should be sent in the case of evaporation of the pandemic, the digital ministry announced on friday in wiesbaden. The goal of the app is to replace paper lists coarsely part and document contacts. In the case of a proven corona infection, they were able to transmit and read directly to the state health department.

Lexus gs 250 and gs 450h in the driving report

Munchen, 8. June 2012 – the one looks over, the other economic effort: the two new lexus models gs 250 and gs 450h are far apart from our driving experiments. The fourth generation of the japanese limousines settled in the upper middle class now wants to glance with european virtues.


The new one does not want to be boring: with sleek-drawn barbecue, the mid-range model almost acts aggressive. In any case, the fresh face of japanese conveys sportiness. Also new: from the outdoor mirrors blitten led flashing lights now. That the gs is now two centimeters wider and three centimeters high than before, is not recognizable. "Gs" stands for "grand touring sedan", so travel limousine, like gs-chiefenieur yoshihiko kanamori notes. A combination version is not – which is not in demand at the main sales market usa.

Indoor very chic

The cabin of the gs is the japanese room designer succeeded: clear straight lines, right angles and noble wood or bamboo surfaces make the car a urban lounge. Head and legroom fit the front, the place is not too compliant. The geschl is brightly upholstered quite hard, but still comfortable enough for the long journey. In addition, lexus will not be moused to emphasize that the mass-mabig is installed the large monitor in the vehicle market: 12.3 inches measures the screen in the diagonal. However, the sale of the tesla model s is starting: the american electrov offers a 17-inch screen in the center console. However, the display of the gs will never be fully use. For example, the navi card can only be displayed on a half of the screen, on the other half, there is then optionally information for the audio system or consumption. The so-called remote touch control, with which the settings are made on the screen, proves to be quite laborious joystick – with the rotary prere actuators of bmw or mercedes, this sliding lever can not keep up.

Consumer protections warn against fake advertisements for apartments

Caution was: if you are looking for a holiday apartment, you should look closely at classifieds on the internet. On well-known online portals such as airbnb, ebay classifieds or apartments are currently waiting to find again and again fingered holiday homes and apartments, warns the consumer center of lower saxony.

Beautifers therefore use the gross demand for apartments and attract vacationers with unusually favorable prices and protect pictures of the rental apartments. When arriving hours the holidaymakers then before empty basic show. Or the accommodations are already rented.

No names, but prepayment

The consumer center calls features where travelers recognize our vices: for example, if booking, at the time of booking instead of a deposit immediately request the payment of the complete rent. Often missing name, address and telephone number of the landlord. Caution is also advised if the contact requires to leave the booking platform for further communication.

Turkey and France on confrontation course

Ypj fighter of the rojava defense units. Against is and now turkey and islamist militias, kurds highlight women’s political and military role. Image: ypj

President macron received a delegation from rojava and ared support, the turkish vice-president threatens to attack french soldiers as well

French president emmanuel macron received a delegation of high-ranking kurdish, arab, and assyrian politicians and representatives of the "syrian democratic forces" (sdf), to which the kurdish self-defense units ypg/ypj also belong. Turkish president recep tayyip erdogan was informed about the meeting by the french ambassador in ankara.