The impact of high-frequency trading

The trading war

High-frequency trading (hft) is the use of advanced technological tools and computer algorithms to trade securities as quickly as possible. High-frequency trading began in 1999, after the us securities and exchange commission (sec) approved electronic stock exchanges in 1998. Banks, the major players in the financial markets, have continued to push high-frequency trading. Mit immer schnelleren computern traden die banken gegen alles und jeden, sogar gegen ihre eigenen kunden.

Energy policy could also play a decisive role in the hamburg city elections. The planned moorburg coal-fired power plant acts as a testing ground for partisan politics

On 24. In february, 1.2 million hamburg residents will vote for a new city council. The cdu and its popular mayor, ole von beust, are still in power with an absolute majority, but this comfortable situation is likely to change. The spd sends schroders former minister of state for culture michael naumann into the race as a supposed all-inclusive candidate, hopes after the good result in hesse for a continuation of the waiting trend and otherwise counts on the support of the traditionally strong gal. The fdp not only wants to enter the bourgeoisie, but also the government, and the left party can probably look forward to its fourth west german success within a short period of time.

It is difficult to say at this point which bill will ultimately be successful. However, the party-political power relations seem to resemble those in hesse, and the focal points in terms of content do not differ significantly either – if one disregards roland koch’s idiosyncratically staged special ies. In addition to minimum wages and the shaping of social justice, budget consolidation and questions of internal security, the ies in hamburg are also the abolition or retention of education costs and, above all, energy policy. These days, the focus of public interest is not on the nuclear mailers in krummel, brunsbuttel or brokdorf, but on two power plant units that have not even been built yet.

Tensions over evolution in u.S. School education leave knowledge gaps

A bill is being introduced in the state of missouri that would require school principals to inform parents when evolutionary theory is being taught in class. In addition, the law provides that parents can opt their children out of these classes if they so choose. The teaching of darwin’s theory of evolution is a "absolute violation of faith", argues republican congressman rick brattin, who supports the bill.

Primate pin from the museum of comparative zoology, harvard university. Image. Image: christopher walsh, harvard medical school/cc-by-sa-2.5

Erdogan: adultery finally punishable?

Turkish justice ministry to draft new law. "This society has a different rank when it comes to moral values"

Who has the better moral values, the eu or turkey?? The excitement associated with such a juxtaposition, and the ease with which it can be drawn, provides the background motive for the following "conservative" law renewal, which turkish president erdogan has already initiated, according to his spokesman ibrahim kalın: the reintroduction of punishment in case of "adultery, infidelity or extramarital sexual intercourse".

The reading that erdogan’s initiative has much to do with a moral standoff with the eu is emphasized in an al-monitor report on the intention to criminalize adultery. But the decisive factor for this reading was erdogan himself.

Cloud Native: Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.16 integrated Open Policy Agent

The hamburg company kubermatic (formerly loodse) has version 2.16 of his kubermatic kubernetes platform (kkp) published. In the new release, users of kubermatic api are given access to the open policy agent (opa), which allows the central authorization and enforcement of compliance and company-internal guidelines. The open source project provides a declarative language with which policies deposit as a code and can be used in microservices, kubernetes, ci / cd pipelines, and api gateways. In art kkp releases kubermatic opa also wants to integrate completely into the ui of the platform.

More gitops functions for infrastructure-as-code

For administrative tasks, kkp 2.16 some new gitops features ready to dynamically add and configure the option to add and configure data centers to use. Over the preset management, different environments can also be preconfigured and providers when creating new kubernetes clusters are available for selection – for example for development projects or production. In order to keep more targeted control over the infrastructure costs, the gitops approach can be used to centrally determine the resource requirements in detail.

With a view to better support for machine-learning applications, kubermatic integrates kubeflow on a new add-on for the first time in its platform. About operator can be put on kubeflow on the kubermatic kubernetes platform to simplify data scientists and ml experts the deployment of ml workflows too cloud-uplifting. However, the kubeflow add-on is currently in the status of a preview.

Against the repression of the predominantly shiite opposition in the gulf state, the west remains quiet, the arab spring is only celebrated elsewhere

The west continues to hold back against the sunni monarchy in bahrain, while loudly complaining about human rights violations in iran, syria and other countries, or celebrating the arab spring against authoritarian regimes there. The rich gulf states, from which oil is bought and to which weapons and other things are sold, hardly hear anything about criticism, because the regimes are supposedly important for stability. Bahrain is a strategic ally especially of the usa, whose 5. Fleet stationed here. Security forces continue to massively and brutally crack down on protests, which are supported by the shiite majority, but also by sunni citizens who want political and economic reforms, while the judiciary is imposing harsh sentences on opposition activists.

Bahrain bans all demonstrations and gatherings

Satellite image of bahrain. Image: nasa

For a year now, the online action platform campact has been sending burger protests to the computers of political decision-makers

Members of the bundestag, eu parliamentarians and government representatives have been exposed to a special form of burgernahe for some time now. Their e-mail accounts become the gateway for organized citizen protest. The idea is not entirely new, but has been professionally implemented in germany for a year by the campact initiative. It initiates political campaigns with changing cooperation partners, bundles the displeasure of the electorate and thus lends it weight. A famous example is the moveon initiative, which has become an influential player since its founding in 1998, and whose interventions in u.S. Policy have received widespread attention (cf. Revenge of the flying toasters). In this country, participation is still limited, but members of parliament are taking the warning tones from their digital inboxes surprisingly seriously.

In the past twelve months, a total of four campaigns have been launched on different ies: to stop the planned eu directive on software patents, to disclose the supplementary income of members of the bundestag and, more recently, to maintain the nuclear phase-out and to withdraw the planned increase in value added tax.

Crimea as a paradise for high-class tourism?

Vacations on yalta in renovated soviet hotels. Image: u. Heyden

Concepts for the modernization of crimea were discussed at an international economic conference in yalta

At the second yalta international economic forum, held from 13. To the 15. April at the luxury mriya hotel southwest of the city, strategies were discussed on how to move the peninsula forward economically – despite the crisis and sanctions. According to experts, crimea’s untapped potential is huge, especially in the tourism, health and it sectors.

Europol and FBI against criminal crypton network: 70 arrests in Germany

At the international police action "operation trojan shield / otf greenlight" against criminals and their crypton network, the german federal criminal police office (bka) was also involved. On yesterday, 150 objects were searched in germany and arrested more than 70 people. The focus action was in hesse, shared the bka.

A total of 700 objects have been searched in 16 countries in recent days and arrested more than 800 people. Informed europol. The police confiscated over 8 tons of cocaine, 22 tonnes of cannabis and cannabis resin, 2 tons of synthetic drugs such as amphetamine and methamphetamine, 6 tons of synthetic drug absorption materials, 250 firearms, 55 luxury vehicles and $ 48 million in various preserves and cryptovo.

The police action was possible after 2019 the us fbi – which calls you trojan shield – together with the australian federal police – which she names otf greenlight had founded a company named anom for allegedly closing communication services. It had succeeded in the message, about 12 miles.000 praparied mobile devices in 300 criminal syndicates in good 100 countries, including italian organized crimetat, forbidden motorcycle bands and international drug trade organizations.

Emotated: Good 4 million copied mail addresses at Prufdienf HAVE I Been Pwned

Troy hunt, operator of the prufdungs "have i bee pwned" (hibp) for compromised access data, has informed that the fbi total 4.324.770 e-mail addresses from all over the world have transferred to him. These are the investigators in the course of the takedown of the trojan emotated in the hands. The disclosure to hibp has decided on the fbi based on how to transfer the service to inform the service a good way to inform individuals and companies about the data theft by emotated.

At hibp you can search a huge database with more than 11 billion-tired accounts after a mail address. Usually this can be used to enter the relevant address directly on the homepage of havetenpwned.Com to do. In this particular case, troy hunt has the data though "sensitive breach" marked, so that only the owners of the e-mail addresses themselves can examine whether they are affected. This works over the menu item "notify me" respectively. About the counterpart "domain search" for domain owners. In the case of a hit, a direct notification is made to the specified e-mail address.

An similar prufservice also offers the website of the dutch police: after entering the e-mail address, you will receive a notification here, if necessary, a notification. The database comprises according to the description after all 3.6 million e-mail addresses.