sells devotional items from armed us gangs

Amazon.Com continues to trade merchandise featuring logos of two armed gangs of trump supporters. The two organizations were involved in the attempted overthrow in washington, dc. Employees of the online retailer have already weeks ago demanded the exclusion of such devotional items. As before, they can be purchased from amazon.Com order.

The goods are offered by third-party merchants, but held in amazon warehouses and delivered with the help of amazon’s logistics. This reports vox. Opposite the website, amazon.Com referred to its terms of use. Apparently they allow the sale of such devotional items as long as the organizations are not officially classified as terrorist organizations. sells devotional items of armed us gangs

The fbi is using this photo to search for this man who allegedly violently attacked federal agents at the u.S. Capitol on wednesday. He is wearing a symbol of an armed gang of trump supporters. Employees of amazon.Coms no longer liked to sell merchandise with such logos.

Eu commission again complies with vw law

Brussel (belgium), 24. November 2011 – in the dispute over the vw law, the eu commission sues the federal republic of germany on a million-heavy book money. For the second time, the eu authority for the second time in front of the european court of justice (ecj) for the second time has been revealing for ten years and calls for a change in the historically regulation at volkswagen. The "unjustified special position" of the state of lower saxony among the carmaker is abolished against eu law and muse abolished, the eu commission announced on 24. November in brussel with. If the federal government does not change the law, the commission requires a punishment of at least 46.5 million euros in court. The federal republic and not volkswagen had to pay this amount.

Grown historically

The so-called vw law ensures the special influence of the state of lower saxony at today’s volkswagen ag,. The vw law had entered into force in 1960, as the state volkswagenwerk g.M.B.H. Was converted into a stock corporation. At that time, 60 percent of the share capital was sold, 40 percent were initially at the federal government and country. With the law, the public hand wanted to protect the carmaker before a hostile suppuration. The eu commission now expects the federal government to abolish the pas in the law, the lower saxony with a 20 percent share ensures a blocking minority at the wolfsburg car maker. Generally ubroad in the stock law are 25 percent.

"Neoliberal arsonist"

Politicians and trade unions fear for the protective wall for the car manufacturer and the co-determination. Already in advance, therefore, massive criticism from germany had laughed at the new eu complaint. "Eu internal market commissioner [michel] barnier is a neoliberal arsonist," the lower sachsian ig metal district leader hartmut mine. "He obviously wants to eliminate the success model of extended co-determination at volkswagen from purely ideological reasons and distract from the actual problems in the eu."The lower sachsian minister president did not take a leaf in front of her mouth:" especially in the present time, where the european commission has to promote more acceptance in humans, it comes with a completely unnecessary infringement procedure around the corner, "said david mcallister (cdu) who is at the same time representative lower saxony in the vw supervisory board: "the time is almost grotesque."

A report by the international red cross accuses the pentagon of torture, and a u.S. Human rights group plans to file criminal charges against defense secretary rumsfeld for torture at abu ghraib with the german attorney general

At the same time, the pentagon comes under fire for its mistreatment of detainees at guantanamo and abu ghraib. The center for constitutional rights (ccr), a human rights organization, has announced it will file criminal charges against u.S. Defense secretary rumsfeld and other senior pentagon officials in germany for torture carried out at abu ghraib prison. In a report, as reported by the new york times, the international red cross accuses the pentagon of having systematically engaged in psychological and physical abuse at guantanamo that can be described as torture.

The lawsuit, which ccr and four former iraqi prisoners plan to file with the federal prosecutor general in karlsruhe, had little chance of success. The criminal complaint about "brutal torture" is directed against u.S. Secretary of defense donald rumsfeld, former cia chief george tenet, pentagon undersecretary of state for intelligence steven cambone, and 6 senior officers such as former commander-in-chief of u.S. Forces in iraq general ricardo sanchez or commander jane karpinski, who was in charge of iraqi prisons at the time.

U.S. President obama has reportedly held out the prospect of accepting iran’s civilian nuclear program

In contrast to some unconditional supporters of any israeli policy in germany, who necessarily damonize iran and brand all criticism, like just that of gunter grass on the policy of the israeli government, completely irrationally as anti-jewish or anti-semitic (sigmar gabriel’s criticism of israel and the reactions), the u.S. Government finally seems to want to free itself from the netanyahu strategy of blackmailing by permanently threatening a military strike against iran (israel’s government blackmails the u.S. Government with threats of war against iran). The news is discussed in the israeli media naturally heib.

Although it is still uncertain whether iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program or how far it has been developed, the israeli government has for years believed that it could use the threat of a military strike to destroy its nuclear facilities to draw the west, and above all the united states, behind it as an unconditional protective power. Instead of mediating between iran and israel and finally arriving at a reasonable policy toward the palestinians, the conflict, in which above all the iranian and israeli leaderships have an interest, has been permanently aggravated.