Cpac 2018: disagreement on eagle and security policy

Marion marechal-le pen. Image: cpac. Screenshot: tp

Ted cruz: the democrats are the party of lisa simpson, the republicans are the party of homer, bart, maggie and marge

The person who had caused the most media attention in the run-up to this year’s u.S. Conservative conference cpac spoke on the very first day: marion marechal-le pen, marine le pen’s 28-year-old niece who is herself active as a front national mp. She gave a speech directed mainly against the eu, in which france and its individuals are no longer free. Therefore, she called for building in other countries on what conservatives in the u.S. Had achieved. This is the only way they could win back their countries. "America first in us, france first in france" – said the politician, speaking with a (if you will) self-confidently strong french accent.

Russia: what is behind the ban on independent trade unions?'mpra'?

Mpra rally: "don’t cry, get organized". Image: mpra

The city court of st. Petersburg accused the union of being a "foreign agent" and "politically active"

On 10. January, the city court of st. Petersburg the "interregional union workers alliance" (mpra). It is the first time in post-soviet russia that a trade union has been banned. The complaint of the public prosecutor’s office was initiated by the lawyer ilya remeslo. He is regarded as a fighter against western influence and has already clashed with opposition politician alexei navalny.

Digitalization PROFEREN: Occupations in Lower Saxony are progressing slowly

The occupation of the 50 vocational procedures for new digitization feeders is progressing in low-things. Although the money is willing to occupy the urgently needed jobs, but so far only part of the profunders could be occupied at the lower sachsian universities.

As the german press agency has experienced by the lower sachsian ministry of science, they have only been occupied by professors with professors and professors. At nine reputers, the appeal procedure is imminent. Growing out of 25 prheren. Here the places had to be rewritten. Another post is just before the tender.

Slow cast

In 2018, scientific minister bjorn thumler (cdu) was hopefully glamored that 2019 could give the first digital programs in lower saxony. The country provides 42 million euros for the reputers, the money should be in quintum, different rates. Initially, the volkswagenstiftung was also involved in financing, won it from the ministry of science and culture. Thumler said now: "i am pleased that more and more calls are given now. Demand in business and administration according to specialist and management fleets with information technology and information scientific expertise. For this we need a corresponding study offer."

Google and YouTube stop prefetching polit bill

As a result of the violent initiation of us capitol, google’s political advertising temporarily exposes. Also ads that address the official entertainment procedure against the outgoing us prasident donald trump, the investment joe biden or the capitol’s capitol, does not convey the company at the moment. This also applies to youtube.

This has been communicated to google on wednesday. The restriction should be at least until 21. January, the day after joe biden’s investment as a new us prasident, take. Google has long been standing against content that collected to violence or spread hate, threw it. "We will be extremely careful to enforce with any advertising that exceeds this line", stop google.

Airbnb locks upstream, paused in dc

The domestic intelligence fbi warns in all 50 us states before further political violence from the weekend. Armed bands of trump fans have explored their again. To reduce the influx into the us capital washington, dc, airbnb has canceled all bookings in the region.

Ukraine sold half of its gold reserves

According to a survey conducted by the infratest dimap polling institute on behalf of ard, only a minority of 19 percent of germans are in favor of new eu sanctions against russia. A relative majority of 43 percent consider the sanctions imposed so far to be sufficient. Another 27 percent call for the lifting of these sanctions, which are causing damage not only in russia but also in eu countries.

In politics, too, there are apparently doubts about the sense of further "penalties"after the new eu envoy federica mogherini openly questioned whether the export bans and restrictions on money market participation would lead to a change in russia’s policy without a "new start" of diplomatic dialogue would lead russia to change its ukraine policy, the supporters of a moderate line prevailed at the meeting of eu foreign ministers on monday against the representatives of the governments of great britain and poland, who wanted to freeze not only the accounts of separatist regional politicians from lugansk and donetsk, but also those of russians.

Children in great britain will be vaccinated against drug addiction in the future

Good intentions don’t help much – what’s forbidden is what makes it hot. But even if all drugs were legal, not everyone was hooked – some people just don’t like drugs. British scientists now believe that children can be immunized against drugs in the same way as against infectious diseases.

It sounds like the austrian joke: "dear mother, we have been vaccinated against earthquakes today". But the independent reports in its sunday edition that english ministers are considering this very approach to prevent youngsters from pursuing a career in drugs: just as infants are now immunized against rubella, mumps and measles by serial vaccination and then told not to get them for the rest of their lives, a disinterest in nicotine, heroin and cocaine is to be literally inculcated at an early age. The strong reactions that normally occur to these drugs, leading to addiction, were not seen in those vaccinated against them as children. And if it does not "flashes" and "threatens", then there is little reason to take drugs.

Ohmynews and the journalism of the 21st century. Century

In his autobiography, oh yeon ho, founder and director of the korean newspaper ohmynews, describes how sud korea was gripped by a veritable internet fever in 1999. At the time, oh yeon ho was just getting ready to launch his ohmynews. "We were too late in industrialization, so let’s be at the forefront of the digital revolution." these and other slogans, such as: "we will make korea a superpower", disseminated by the government and the media at the time led to the establishment of internet editions of major korean newspapers. "The elitist journalistic culture, sealed off to the outside world, has been transferred to the internet fully intact", means oh.

As for his own background, his technical knowledge at the time, his knowledge of the internet, oh sees himself as a "provincial". For 10 years, since 1989, he worked as a journalist for a korean newspaper published monthly: "meal"; the monthly is owned by a group of dedicated burghers who are "citizens’ coalition for democratic media" named. Oh also offered journalism courses for university students to prepare them for the reporting profession. He titled his lectures with the credo: "every burger is a reporter" ("every citizen is a reporter.").

The opposition in the bundestag has accused the government a missed transport policy. The green and the fdp demanded more funds for rail, cycling and transport. As the federal government’s response to a green request, the federation between 2006 and 2018 ied around 74 billion for the construction and maintenance of highways and federal sausages, but only one billion euros for cycle paths. On thursday (12. September 2019) stands in the budget advice in the bundestag of the transport office 2020 on the program.

Less money for cycling

The green members stefan yellow hair said the dpa, transport minister andreas scheuer (csu) wool no road: "the fountain in the investments in federal radios fast from year to year and more rapidly into the high. The few money for cycling should even take effect despite grobmauliger’s announcements of the minister via better cycling policy in 2020."

Not responsible

The federal government refers in the answer that the countries, circles and municipalities are contiguous for construction and conservation of cycling routes. The covenant invested in bike paths on federal hubs. Yellow hair criticized, scrubbering like his transactions in the 20th. Century. "He concrete for millions of millions in strains for the year. Climate protection does not work, road turning not even."