Three rough small in comparison

Hair, 27. November 2009 – in some cases they were allowed to be forgotten: the vw polo and the ford fiesta, which in the mid-1970s around the favor of the customer’s favorites. Similar to vw, ford was still on a very factual design. During vw the factual line remained true, ford recently relies on adolescent modernity, it seems very well to arrive. At that time, japanese small cars were not competitive, which has become known to be completely changed. That’s why in this comparison of mazda 2 by no means a quirky outdoor manager with, especially since he shares a globalized car world as a lot with the fiesta.

Body and interior

Our comparison strio moves in the long in the range between 3.90 and just under four meters. Most of the polo stretches with 3.97 meters. For comparison: a golf iii was in 1991 hardly long, opposed to the 3.51 meter short ur-polo, the fifth generation has totally added. Optically, the new edition is greatly based on the current gulf. Especially the front area with the striking black grill ensures acute confusion with the gross brother. Stressed radhauser let the polo also work. Positive we feel positive that vw has waived the polo on a conveying fashionable or sporty design. In this regard, the ford fiesta is the complete opposite: the shaped designers have conjured up a rising side line into the sheet, which acts dynamically, but is a matter of taste. Crushed are also the headlight drawn towards the windshield. An optical middle ground represents the mazda 2, which is technically closely related to the fiesta. He looks most dreadful and is 3.90 meters of the shortest subject in our test. He also relies on a dynamic side line, but not so extreme as the fiesta. In addition, the roundish front area gives it the highest cuddly factor of the trio.

Many air in the mazda

In addition, the mazda 2 can attract with a pleasant surprise. On the front burst, thanks to very good headroom and the coarse windscreen an airy room feel. Quite different in the fiesta: here remains the least distance to the roof, the flat standing a-saule grains the point of view, even backwards one would like to recognize more. Better, but not optimal makes the polo. With him the narrow windshield ensures unnecessary feeling of the strain, in addition, the view is broken up even with slightly high hanging traffic lights. Access to the jerk seats takes place at all three candidates on their own treatments, but always extra costs. While ford requires 750 euros and calls mazda 700 euro, at vw 735 euro are fally, at ford costs electric windows behind always 150 euro additional. The entry is the simplest, the fiesta and 2 should give rise to the fiesta and 2. A sloping roof line improves the optics at the latter, but slimming the ceiling. The legroom on the back burst is sufficient, but not upstig. If you have regular passengers, you will find a vehicle class of highrards.

Three force scarf in comparison

Hair, 30. Marz 2011 – you are too short but all the cheeky strabots among the cars: small cars with lots of power, with which it lit gloriously injustice around the corners. We have the 184 hp mini cooper s, the abarth punto evo with 163 hp and the renault clio 2.0 gordini released with 201 horse. Each of the cars carries out the name of a coarse personality.

John cooper

The brite john cooper was an avid car designer and racer. He has a formula 1 stable before he developed the mini cooper, who was successful in numerous rallies. John cooper died 77-year-old in 2000 – until today sports minis in the model name bear his surnames.

Carlo abarth

Karl abarth came from vienna. The motorcycle racer and vehicle tuner made in its turiner company vehicles of fiat, alfa romeo and simca racing suitable. His little race cars drove many victories. 1971 sold abarth, who now called gearname carlo, his company to fiat. In 1979, the clever designer died at the age of 71 years. Under the model name abarth today the sportiest fiat models operate today. As a logo, the cars carlo abarth’s zodiac sign: the scorpion.

Triple saves better

Ingolstadt / detroit, 13. January 2014 – audi is currently emitting such a considerable amount of studies that you can ever lose overview. It is therefore almost apologetic whenever development board ulrich hackenberg introduces the compact all-road with plug-in hybrid drive, the audi on the north american international auto show in detroit, "a very concrete view into the near future" is called. In the dreamy and three-engine shooting brake study shows audi on the car show of 13. To 26. January optical elements of simple sports car models, also the operating concept preserved series outlook. At 2.51 meters wheelbase, the car is 4.20 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and 1.41 meters high, these are dimensions similar to the a3.

Sliding center console

At 2.51 meter wheelbase, the car is 4.20 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and 1.41 meters high – these are dimensions similar to the a3. If you move the seat long, the center console moves with, so that the controls remain within reach. But since people with long legs regularly have long-slee arms, an individual fine adjustment is also possible. Say who pushes the seat backwards, the console must then jerk forward. You could probably have that cheaper.

As with the short presented animal interior of the new tt, the regulators for seat heating, temperature, orientation and strong of the airflow are in the middle of the round airduers; when accepting the hand you drive off. The menu structure of the mmi system should orient itself to smartphones, also the free text search. The touchpad of the mmi terminal allows quick scrolling and zooming. A coarse display in the center console is missing, there is only a 12.3-inch screen in front of the driver. In the classic view, the powermeter for the plug-in hybrid drive and the speedometer are in the foreground, in infotainment mode dominates the navigation card, and in sports mode, the tachometer is highlighted. Another future feature is the "phone box", which binds the mobile phone to the on-board electronics and charged as needed by induction.