Bosch builds batteries for mild hybrid in Eisenach

The supplier bosch manufactures its 48 volt batteries for mildhybrid cars in germany also in germany. Production should be built at the factory in eisenach and start in summer 2021, as the company on thursday (27. February 2020) notified. There is already a so-called pattern production. In series bosch builds the 48 volt batteries so far only in china. The cells are constructions of the chinese manufacturer catl, with which bosch had received a strategic cooperation last year. Catl builds a new cell factory together with bosch at erfurter cross. Until they are ready for use and bosch can be supplied in eisenach from there, the cells from the catl main plant come in china.

48 volt mild hybrid support the internal combustion engine and should reduce consumption. In contrast to plug-in hybrids, they can not be charged externally, but recuperate. Bosch expects that 2025 about 20 percent of all new cars sold worldwide will have a 48 volt system on board. The battery production in eisenach should bring about 120 workplaces, which according to the information, but coarse parts are occupied with professionals who are already working at the location.

The deadly inflation due to defective tuning looser drove again to a mass relief in general motors. At 7.6 million sedans of the brands chevrolet, oldsmobile and pontiac, the end of the end of the end of the cowl. A similar problem have 616 worldwide.000 newer chevrolet kars.

At seven unpleasons with the vicinated limousines died after companies three people and eight were injured. But it was not yet clarified whether the defect wanted to the discontinued, the opel mother announced on monday in detroit. The share price of the company fell slightly in spade new yorker.

Only hours earlier, gm had presented a fund to the securitization of occupants, which had been killed or injured inas of ancient compact cars. This for years ignored defect in cowl locks had demanded 13 dead after companies and brought the whole jerk-shaft to rolls.

The japanese car concerts toyota needs to be 370 again worldwide.Over the workshops for engine and hybrid problems in the workshops. As the industry prime announced on wednesday, around 201 are.000 hybrid-powered gelandelimousines (suv) affected, including the model lexus rx400h. At the cars there are problems with the voltage converter. In germany, the imported series from september 2004 to december 2008 are affected, toyota germany participates, concrete is about 4393 delivered vehicles. The defect is loud toyota’s technique driving succinct. When fault in the voltage converter, the vehicle remains mobile, depending on the estimation of the error, the engine warning light may be lighted up. So you can still go to the workshop when the adac recommends from different reasons to prevent backrests best at the next occasion.

In addition, in the rest of the world around 169.000 other cars, including the lexus gs350, lexus is350 and the crown model, to access the workshops due to faulty engine parts. Also in these cases there are no reports about unfalls or injured in a row the defect, strolled it. Of the affected loaningimousines are around 141.000 cars in north america, 37.000 in europe and 15.000 cars affected in japan. From the shortcoming vehicles affected vehicles account for 106.000 in north america, 59.000 on japan and 500 on europe, strolled it.

Now it is called chevy or chevrolet? In the us, a violent discussion has broken out of it. The starting point was a service manager of general motors, which brought american cars to the palm tree. In a circular to the employees, the management called to use only the official name chevrolet. Chevy barely believed outside the home market, which always drove to confusion, won it for reasons.

After the announcement of the name bunk, the emotions cooked in internet forums and the media. "That’s the stupest thing i’ve been lady for a long time", a chevy fan emerged. The commentator of the nationwide tv channel cnbc spoke of one "american cult brand", connetting that you do not jump so. "Chevy will not disappear", he said. The management, obviously surprised by such a violent reaction, might be due on thursday to damage limitation. The internal communication is "badly formulated" have been, the group tip apologized. "We love chevy." in a globalized world, however, a unique brand is unequivocal. In any way, however, customers or fans should be held away to continue to use the nickname.

For special emports had taken care that gm had asked his workforce to give up the nickname chevy even in dealing with family and friends. Chevrolet sales leader alan batey, who had signed the instruction, ruded on the video portal youtube back. An pr man asks him in front of a camera: "we can use chevy as a gm employee?" batey answers: "certainly we can." when people named chevy, show how closely they were connected to the brand, said batey. "Like friends." however, the manager reminded that on every car and every handler only the official chevrolet stands. "Chevy is a nickname."

Dr cw20 and sw21: studies from italy

Macchia d`isernia, 30. Marz 2010 – especially the lowest price classes have benefited from state scrapping program last year. But even after the end of the subsidies, cars remain under 10.000 euro for many customers interesting. New manufacturers such as the "dr motor company" from italy hardly known in this country are trying to establish themselves in this segment. The company can be manufactured the items of chery in china and builds them together in italy. The prices start at 7830 euros. For this you get the 3.62 meter small small car dr1 with an 83-horsepower engine. For comparison: the cheapest dacia, the sandero 1.4 with 75 hp, is already available in germany for 6990 euros. However, the dr models are much better equipped.

A found, one for sports

The studies cw20 and sw21, two combines based on the dr2 were newly presented. Both cars are only 3.87 meters long, little even for a small car station wagon. For comparison: a peugeot 207 sw is 4.16 meters long, a clio grandtour even 4.23 meters. The designation cw20 stands for cross wagon. For the light off-road insert, the small car combination is to be qualified by scratch-resistant plastic parts in the lower body range and plastic attachments in the underride protection look in front and rear front and rear. There are 16-inch rims and a roof ruling. A similar basic shape has the sw20. Here is the design rather athletic, which should also be emphasized by 18-inch alloy wheels.

Two gasoline

As a drive, there will be a 1.3-liter gasoline engine with 83 hp and a 1.5-liter petrol engine with dual vvt valve adjustment and 105 hp as a drive. As with all dr models, versions with autogas (lpg) and natural gas (cng) are planned. For serial safety equipment, driver and front passenger airbag and abs. Comfort equipment includes central locking, power steering, electrically adjustable outdoor mirror, air conditioning, electric windows all around and a cd radio. The two new models will be launched in september 2010. When they are officially to buy in germany, is currently not fixed. In addition to the small car dr1, the brand still offers the small car dr2, as well as the compact suvs dr3 and dr5. The dr2 corresponds to the chery a1, the dr5 ables the old toyota rav4 and is identical to the chery tiggo. Overall, six dr models are available to choose from.

Three compact sports in comparison

Hair, 16. July 2007 – what are germany’s most popular cars? Natural compact cars. 860.000 stuck went in 2006 under people. Chic, affordable and extremely practical are the attributes that assign the car to a place in the hearts of the buyers. And for those who are heaters in tremendous sportiness, there are the trained top models of the respective series. We leave the 230 hp golf gti edition 30 against the 240 hp muscle man seat leon cupra and the ford focus st with 225 hp. The focus drove us as a three-estres, the other two had two entries more to offer. To judge the greedy gaze of the three, the decision could be damned scarce.

Engine / gear
when it comes to sport, the economy comes into the background. So beat in all three combatants gasoline hearts. In gti edition 30 and leon cupra, the four cylinders of the identical displacement are available: two liters. The focus unit offers a cylinder more and provides 2.5 liters of displacement. This immediately affects the torque: at the focus already at 1600 rpm the maximum 320 newton meters of the crankshaft. Gti and leon come to 300 newton meters at 2200 rpm. All together is a six-speed circuit. The paper shape of the drives is very similar, how do you get in practice?

Stalk with tradition in gti edition 30

To the 30. Birthday of the golf gti was in 2006 with a year of delay a birthday present to the fans: the gti edition 30 was born. For each of his years of life, there was an additional horse-starch, so the engine now does 230 hp – the highest gti so far. These are just 20 hp less than in the golf r32. The 30 additional ps is allowed by an upgrade of the boost prere from 1.8 to 1.9 bar and adapted engine control. To make the engine fit for the compulsory-run-ended increased amount of hot quantity, cylinder head, connecting rods, pistons and piston rings were made of a particularly heat-resistant material. When driving, so from 4000 rpm, the gti fails properly to pipes. The good sound makes a look like and forces permanent lead dub. In 6.8 seconds it goes to tempo 100, at 245 km / h is supposedly end. But the gti edition 30 seems to be delivered without electronic decrease – on a slightly firing track, the speedometer countered at 268 km / h. As food for the highest performance, gti edition 30 needs the most expensively available juice: super plus. 7.9 liters are burned per 100 kilometers. Although the acceleration is tremendous, there is a pretty moderate in comfortable golf. On the escaped turbochobe we wait awarded.

Expert: 'by 2025 more than 50% of new cars suvs'

The boom of suvs and railing wagons in germany stop: 2019 will be released for the first time in a year more than one million of these vehicles. Already in november, the brand has been exceeded with 1.03 million vehicles since the beginning of the year, as evidenced by numbers of the federal motor trade office (kba) in flensburg. That’s 18 percent more than in the same period of the previous year.

Together, suvs and railaries with just under 31 percent market share are now almost a third of the car new in germany. They are the two fastest growing segments in the kba statistics in the current year.

"A trend reversal is not recognizable"

"The high pace of suv sales will also last the next few years," predicts industry expert ferdinand dudenhoffer. "A trend reversal is not recognizable, which also shows the comparison with other car market."Dudenhoffer defines the term suv differently than the kba. Roughly speaking, the suvs and railaries of the official flensburg statistics plus some additional vehicles and variants, so that he comes to about fun percent of higher numbers. But does not change the tendency.

At lotus, motorsport fans can buy their own formula 1 race car from 2011. The british manufacturer from hethel has now shown the 478 kw / 650 hp boliding t125 in the context program of the concours d’elegance in pebble beach (california). However, it is foreseeable that the customer base will be surgical. For how to learn about business districts, the car will cost around one million euros. In addition, lotus only wants to build two dozen of these vehicles.

Pate for the t125 stood the race car, with which jarno trulli and heikki kovalainen are traveling in the current formula 1 season. However, the vehicle was modified so that you can start it without a boxing team and keeping it running, lotus shared with. However, the conversions are not sufficient for a strab zulang.

The only 650 kilograms of heavy sports cars is powered by an eight-cylinder engine with 3.5 liters displacement, the speeds of more than 10.000 tours allowed. The car should be much faster than 300 km / h. Exact driving data is there but still little as a usage value.

Gm remains at lg

Ratingen, 22. October 2015 – general motors (gm) remains in the preserved and works in the field of electromobility with lg electronics (lg) together. The korean electronic specialist with its own battery delivery should also provide the upcoming electric vehicle chevrolet bolt ev with batteries and electrical components.

This is not a rough surprise, because the art chevrolet volt is to be equipped by lg, the car manufacturer announced a year ago. The small car chevrolet bolt ev is to achieve a range of more than 300 kilometers with a battery charge and undercut the competition in the price. General motors presented the bolt ev concept vehicle at the north american international auto show in january of this year. In february, chevrolet reported that bolt ev is expected to be produced from the end of 2016 in the gm assembly plant in orion township, michigan,.

Tight development cooperation

Gm, during the development phase, controlled the layout of the electric motor, battery management, system conversion, and the integration of bodywork and components. Lg supplies the following electrical or. Electronic components for:

Three-dimensional prints in prototype construction

Hannover, 31. August 2009 – modern methods in prototype construction produce components of almost any complexity directly from cad data. The laity seems almost like magic, and because we know that this is true to clarke to any sufficiently advanced technology, we highlight rapid prototyping using the example bmw.

"Generative manufacturing methods"
according to the drug mass models of the eighties and nineties, the current cars for the broad center appear almost artist. Even small cars are designed at all corners and ends to fine details. This was allowed, this was a larger linen for designers through the fast prototype construction accumulated in the nineties, whose methods are summarized under "rapid prototyping" or german, correct under "generative manufacturing methods". The latter therefore, because a coarse part of the methods, yes practically all important, work in shifts. Remember these 3d puzzles of your childhood, which passed a stack of different contoured cardboard windows? She spent her in the right order and received a human head at the end, a globe or other forms without overhange. Similarly, the generative manufacturing process is too. One of the first methods even worked almost exactly; it cut the layers of paper by cutting plotter, which gave the workpiece over each other at the end. However, as a material for prototypes, paper did not depend on, but had to quickly keep synthetic resins. Perform the stereo­lithograph.

at the beginning of the nineties, a smarter engineer combined an industrial laser with a bath full of light-out resin and created the so-called stereo­lithograph. As one of the originals generative procedures, it is well suited to explain this. It is still still present in many areas in prototype production, at bmw, for example, a machine from the fruhen nineties, which is still busy working today. Roughly considered, the machine consists of a platform that slows down gradually into the resin bath, and a laser control system.