IPhone 12: Chip provider indicates later sales start

More and more points to a later start of the "iphone 12" and "iphone 12 pro" towards: anyway before the importation of new iphone models of untillight launt is to be expected this time a quarter later than usual, the wireless chip provider broadcom shared, which pays to the large iphone suppliers.

Apple was not named name, corporate boss hock tan spoke only of a delay in an important product cycle of one "coarse north american customers from the mobile phone industry" – tan already commonly used description for the iphone manufacturer, which is known to look more likely to look into the cards.

Reports over production tool

With regard to iphone components, tan emphasized in a conference circuit with analysts at the same time, the company is "in it", this time only a question of timing. The sales premium will expect this year only in the fourth business quarter, which extends at broadcom from the end of june to the end of september 2020. Broadcom’s third business quarter will therefore this time that "deep" represent the business year, so tan.

AirPods 3 allegedly come later

The next airpods generation could be a long time: according to information of a true analyst, apple has shifted the start of the mass production of the airpods 3 into the third quarter 2021 – how originally planned to begin in the current first half of the year.

This is also a youngest speculation, apple will introduce the new airpods already at an event in marz – about two years after the last update in the spring 2019.

Analyst expects decreasing airpods sell

A reason for the alleged deprivation of the start of production was not mentioned. The increasing competition through cheaper true-wireless headhorters drove in the full year 2021 to a rint of airpods-selling, the analyst ming-chi kuo predicted investment bank tf international securities, as well as macrumors reported.

EGPU with Pro-Display XDR support

The apple accessory specialist sonnet has presented two new egpu boxes with improved graphics performance specifically for mac users. The devices are particularly compact and come in the form of a so-called puck – as you will be connected via thunderbolt 3 to the apple calculator. In addition, a hub function is integrated with two usb-a connections. Both models come with radeon rx cards of the 5000 series.

Three screens operable

The egpu breakaway puck radeon rx 5500 xt is equipped with an amd radeon rx 5500 xt and is offered for the price of $ 600 – euro prices are still out. The egpu breakaway puck radeon rx 5700 has a faster amd radeon rx 5700 and costs $ 300 more.

Sonnet emphasizes that with the egpu box, apple’s pro display xdr with 6k lets, no matter which intel-mac with thunderbolt 3 it is – alternatively it may also be the ultrafine 5g offered by apple lg. Both egpu breakaway bucks supports up to three 4k displays with 60 hertz simultaneously or a 6k screen plus two 4k displays simultaneously.

Chinese flood catastrophe also affects'iphone city''iphone city'

The strong excess floods occurred in the chinese province of henan, where there were numerous dead to complain about, also concerns the city in which the central iphone plant is in the realm of the center. Zhengzhou, the capital of the province, is therefore also considered as "iphone city".

In the city live about 10 million people, around 100.000 of them should have been evacuated so far due to enormous rainfall and rising floods. There are at least 25 dead, seven more people are missing – the numbers were probably allowed to rise. In zhengzhou, among other things, the subway had survivors (where people died) and central areas of the city. In the city, the airport was closed, from all over china rescuers.

Apple wants donations

Apple boss tim cook sent the message on the chinese short message service weibo, the iphone manufacturer will donate for the tap and rescue events in hunan. "Our thoughts are those affected by the survivors in the henan province – and in the emergency hellmates that bring people to safety", so cook in chinese language.

Bit noise: Qualcomm desched, Apple confused, fast moths, RISC-V chips

Qualcomm has called the smartphone processor snapdragon 888, the first chip with the strong arm core cortex-x1. The snapdragon 888 is expected to expect about 25 percent faster than his transaction snapdragon 865 – that’s already, but far too little to keep up with apple’s m1. Because the snapdragon 888 – its type designation points to the chinese chuck number eight – containing four strong cores, but only one of them is a cortex-x1, the others are about 18 percent weaker cortex-a78. Unlike 2018 and 2019 qualcomm has announced no new snapdragon for windows notebooks this year.

Bit noise: Qualcomm desched, Apple confused, fast moths, RISC-V chips

The giant processor cerebras cs-1 is almost as coarse as a vinyl record and not only with ki algorithms.

Apple developed with the m1 the previously impressive arm chip for notebooks, but confuses the faithful follower but with nebuloses promises to its unified memory architecture (uma). All internal calculators of the m1 cpu cores, gpu and neural engine – can therefore access ram addresses without first copying data into separate storage areas (zero copy). This is actually a very good idea because it avoids intermediate steps and thereby increase the performance, she’s neither new nor unique. Amd has been the concept since 2011 as heterogeneous system architecture (hsa) "accelerated processing units" (apu) advanced, combining cpu and gpu cores. I love amd coarse under the table falling that intel generally combined cpu and gpu cores. And in intel documents from 2014 to use the built-in "hd graphics" as opencl calculation accelerator one can read how there the common "zero copy"-access from cpu cores and gpu to the same memory areas works. Remains to be hoped that apple uses the beautiful uma advantages under macos better for programmers, because under windows they are rarely used for use.

HomePod Mini well in demand

Last friday, apple committed the pre-order start of three new products: two new iphones and an entertainment product. The latter, the homepod mini, developed into the unexpected bestseller – at least let the delivery periods shut. The small siri smart speaker, who has offered apple for under 100 euros, was only with delay within a few minutes after preorder-start. Meanwhile, the situation has even worsened – a christmas present will not be the homepod mini anymore.

At the end of december to mid-january

Who wants to buy at apple, is waiting for that "spacegrau" model up to 28. December, in the worst case until 5. January. The more popular sowing model are the delivery times even longer: here it will be before the 6. Until 12. Nothing anymore, the availability should not improve randomly.

Ball instead of cylinder

Instead of the cylindrical shape of the homepod, the mini-execution sets on a ball design with a network. As a high, the manufacturer indicates 8.4 centimeters, the width amounts to 9.8 centimeters. A touch control is integrated on the top as the homepod. The homepod mini sets a driver as well as a pair of passive toner and is erupted with the s5 chip. The sound should be adjusted automatically and continuously the music accordingly and thus deliver good sound even with changing sites.

Wage Process: Workers in Indian iPhone Factory Protest forcibly

Workers have arranged in an indian iphone plant stirring – apparently due to outstanding payments. After the night of the night shift, a coarse part of the almost 2000 workers have demolished the inventory as well as assembly systems of the work and tries to put vehicles on fire as local media report. The work in the near bengaluru belongs to the taiwanese ordinary wistron, who builds there, among others apple’s iphone se.

Rice wage supposedly leads to violence

According to information of the times of india if the violation of the violation of wage cheeks is to return: employees have been promised at the employment a monthly salary of approximately 230 euros, but were actually just under 180 euros and in recent months then only good 130 euros. The payments had further reduced each month and thus led to a considerable frustration, quotes the newspaper an employee. After some workers had seen only a wage receipt of around 5 euros, the anger was turned into violence.

Neither wistron nor apple have commented on the matter so far. Apple has only produced iphones in india since 2017, the wistron plant at begaluru pays the first local site for the iphone manufacturing. Models prepared there are mainly determined for the indian market to pay no more high to imports. Also to open its own shop, apple must produce hardware on site, recently first operated the group’s online store in india.

Apple makes billions again

Apple has again gone to investors to ie billions of bonds. This time, the bonds have a total of a total of 5.5 billion us dollars. The debt sale was successfully completed last week and allowed the sales-high group to take excellent interest rates.

Interest something worse than google

A 40-year paper is only 118 basis points of us federal bonds – significantly less than the previously thought of 135 basis points, such as the negotiations expert opposite the financial news agency bloomberg breed. Apple is thus significantly cheaper way than the e-commerce giant amazon, which achieved a short 130 basis points via us federal bonds. Only google succeeded with 108 basis points an even better deal.

Second bond since may

The market is very open against debt gross technical companies that have made the corona crisis well done well, very open. Apple uses the bonds especially to buy shares as well as pay dividends – the interest may deduct the group. In addition, the money can also be used for "basic business purposes" be used, such as the purchase of other companies or the day business. Jpmorgan, barclays and goldman sachs were apple’s bankers. Only in may apple had $ 8.5 billion on bonds.