The impact of high-frequency trading

The trading war

High-frequency trading (hft) is the use of advanced technological tools and computer algorithms to trade securities as quickly as possible. High-frequency trading began in 1999, after the us securities and exchange commission (sec) approved electronic stock exchanges in 1998. Banks, the major players in the financial markets, have continued to push high-frequency trading. Mit immer schnelleren computern traden die banken gegen alles und jeden, sogar gegen ihre eigenen kunden.

Cpac 2018: disagreement on eagle and security policy

Marion marechal-le pen. Image: cpac. Screenshot: tp

Ted cruz: the democrats are the party of lisa simpson, the republicans are the party of homer, bart, maggie and marge

The person who had caused the most media attention in the run-up to this year’s u.S. Conservative conference cpac spoke on the very first day: marion marechal-le pen, marine le pen’s 28-year-old niece who is herself active as a front national mp. She gave a speech directed mainly against the eu, in which france and its individuals are no longer free. Therefore, she called for building in other countries on what conservatives in the u.S. Had achieved. This is the only way they could win back their countries. "America first in us, france first in france" – said the politician, speaking with a (if you will) self-confidently strong french accent.

Energy policy could also play a decisive role in the hamburg city elections. The planned moorburg coal-fired power plant acts as a testing ground for partisan politics

On 24. In february, 1.2 million hamburg residents will vote for a new city council. The cdu and its popular mayor, ole von beust, are still in power with an absolute majority, but this comfortable situation is likely to change. The spd sends schroders former minister of state for culture michael naumann into the race as a supposed all-inclusive candidate, hopes after the good result in hesse for a continuation of the waiting trend and otherwise counts on the support of the traditionally strong gal. The fdp not only wants to enter the bourgeoisie, but also the government, and the left party can probably look forward to its fourth west german success within a short period of time.

It is difficult to say at this point which bill will ultimately be successful. However, the party-political power relations seem to resemble those in hesse, and the focal points in terms of content do not differ significantly either – if one disregards roland koch’s idiosyncratically staged special ies. In addition to minimum wages and the shaping of social justice, budget consolidation and questions of internal security, the ies in hamburg are also the abolition or retention of education costs and, above all, energy policy. These days, the focus of public interest is not on the nuclear mailers in krummel, brunsbuttel or brokdorf, but on two power plant units that have not even been built yet.

Tensions over evolution in u.S. School education leave knowledge gaps

A bill is being introduced in the state of missouri that would require school principals to inform parents when evolutionary theory is being taught in class. In addition, the law provides that parents can opt their children out of these classes if they so choose. The teaching of darwin’s theory of evolution is a "absolute violation of faith", argues republican congressman rick brattin, who supports the bill.

Primate pin from the museum of comparative zoology, harvard university. Image. Image: christopher walsh, harvard medical school/cc-by-sa-2.5

Russia: what is behind the ban on independent trade unions?'mpra'?

Mpra rally: "don’t cry, get organized". Image: mpra

The city court of st. Petersburg accused the union of being a "foreign agent" and "politically active"

On 10. January, the city court of st. Petersburg the "interregional union workers alliance" (mpra). It is the first time in post-soviet russia that a trade union has been banned. The complaint of the public prosecutor’s office was initiated by the lawyer ilya remeslo. He is regarded as a fighter against western influence and has already clashed with opposition politician alexei navalny.

Reform of ukraine’s catch provides for decentralization, but not a federal state

The ukrainian leadership wants to decentralize the country and give the regions and municipalities more powers, for example to levy taxes independently of the central government, but it shies away from federalization as if it were the devil. Now president poroshenko has presented the supplements to the interception required by the minsk agreement, which also regulate what status the separatists-controlled. There is a great urgency, because kiev wants to hold local elections already in october, according to the changed constitution. However, regional, district and local elections throughout the country are not scheduled to take place until the end of october 2017, which is apparently how long the government wants to keep its hands on the tails.

Decentralization should not diminish the state of the central government in matters of defense, national security, rule of law or observance of civil liberties, poroshenko said, adding that it has a positive impact on the state of the country "nothing in common with a foderalization". The current form of government with a single president is "optimal". However, he will hand over an important part of the competences and financial resources to the regions and municipalities, and the central government will mainly perform the function of control. Decentralization is to be followed by a reform of the judicial system and the abolition of immunity for deputies and judges. sells devotional items from armed us gangs

Amazon.Com continues to trade merchandise featuring logos of two armed gangs of trump supporters. The two organizations were involved in the attempted overthrow in washington, dc. Employees of the online retailer have already weeks ago demanded the exclusion of such devotional items. As before, they can be purchased from amazon.Com order.

The goods are offered by third-party merchants, but held in amazon warehouses and delivered with the help of amazon’s logistics. This reports vox. Opposite the website, amazon.Com referred to its terms of use. Apparently they allow the sale of such devotional items as long as the organizations are not officially classified as terrorist organizations. sells devotional items of armed us gangs

The fbi is using this photo to search for this man who allegedly violently attacked federal agents at the u.S. Capitol on wednesday. He is wearing a symbol of an armed gang of trump supporters. Employees of amazon.Coms no longer liked to sell merchandise with such logos.

Erdogan: adultery finally punishable?

Turkish justice ministry to draft new law. "This society has a different rank when it comes to moral values"

Who has the better moral values, the eu or turkey?? The excitement associated with such a juxtaposition, and the ease with which it can be drawn, provides the background motive for the following "conservative" law renewal, which turkish president erdogan has already initiated, according to his spokesman ibrahim kalın: the reintroduction of punishment in case of "adultery, infidelity or extramarital sexual intercourse".

The reading that erdogan’s initiative has much to do with a moral standoff with the eu is emphasized in an al-monitor report on the intention to criminalize adultery. But the decisive factor for this reading was erdogan himself.

Bosch builds batteries for mild hybrid in Eisenach

The supplier bosch manufactures its 48 volt batteries for mildhybrid cars in germany also in germany. Production should be built at the factory in eisenach and start in summer 2021, as the company on thursday (27. February 2020) notified. There is already a so-called pattern production. In series bosch builds the 48 volt batteries so far only in china. The cells are constructions of the chinese manufacturer catl, with which bosch had received a strategic cooperation last year. Catl builds a new cell factory together with bosch at erfurter cross. Until they are ready for use and bosch can be supplied in eisenach from there, the cells from the catl main plant come in china.

48 volt mild hybrid support the internal combustion engine and should reduce consumption. In contrast to plug-in hybrids, they can not be charged externally, but recuperate. Bosch expects that 2025 about 20 percent of all new cars sold worldwide will have a 48 volt system on board. The battery production in eisenach should bring about 120 workplaces, which according to the information, but coarse parts are occupied with professionals who are already working at the location.

IPhone 12: Chip provider indicates later sales start

More and more points to a later start of the "iphone 12" and "iphone 12 pro" towards: anyway before the importation of new iphone models of untillight launt is to be expected this time a quarter later than usual, the wireless chip provider broadcom shared, which pays to the large iphone suppliers.

Apple was not named name, corporate boss hock tan spoke only of a delay in an important product cycle of one "coarse north american customers from the mobile phone industry" – tan already commonly used description for the iphone manufacturer, which is known to look more likely to look into the cards.

Reports over production tool

With regard to iphone components, tan emphasized in a conference circuit with analysts at the same time, the company is "in it", this time only a question of timing. The sales premium will expect this year only in the fourth business quarter, which extends at broadcom from the end of june to the end of september 2020. Broadcom’s third business quarter will therefore this time that "deep" represent the business year, so tan.