The “republic of crimea” declares itself independent

For the referendum, the parliament invokes the case of kosovo, the interim government in kiev has declared a partial mobilization of the armed forces

The parliament of the autonomous republic of crimea has already declared independence from ukraine ahead of sunday’s scheduled referendum. 78 out of 81 mps voted in favor of the declaration, which, with reference to kosovo (kosovo: leap into the dark unknown), invokes the opinion of the united nations international court of justice (icj) that a unilateral declaration of independence of a part of the country "does not violate the general international law". The eu and the usa, which have supported kosovo’s independence, can hardly object to this reasoning.

The government declares that now one no longer speaks of the autonomous republic of crimea, but only of the republic of crimea. Parliament speaker vladimir konstantinov said that after this declaration of independence crimea will never again be a part of ukraine: "the country in which we have lived until now no longer exists. We are going our own way and we are trying to do this quickly." if the referendum on sunday goes in favor of the pro-russian majority, crimea is to become part of russia and import the ruble as its currency. A new party has formed in parliament under the name of "for the new russian crimea" formed, which 70 of the 100 deputies want to join.

According to the planned new constitution, the crimean tatars are to be given more rights in order to draw them to the pro-russian side. The crimean tatars had already sympathized with the orange revolution and are hostile or skeptical towards the russians due to the deportation during the soviet union. 20 percent of the seats in parliament are guaranteed to them, also a corresponding participation in the municipalities and new self-government rights are to receive them beside demand of their culture and language.

According to a poll by the institute for political and sociological research in the republic of crimea, 77 percent of the population is said to be in favor of annexation to russia; in sevastopol, where the black sea fleet is stationed, the figure is 85 percent. Allegedly, 97 percent of people in crimea have a negative impression of developments in kiev, 83 percent want to "coup" do not recognize the government that has come to power in kiev. It is impossible to say to what extent the survey actually reflects the mood of the population.

Ukrainian ex-president yanukovych, who fled to russia and from whom russian president putin has distanced himself but who also does not recognize the new government in kiev, was once again allowed to appear before the press and claim that he is still the legitimate head of state and thus also the commander-in-chief of ukrainian troops. Ukrainian soldiers, faithful to their oath, could not follow orders from the government that came to power in a coup, he said.

Yanukovych also tried to turn the tables at once. After it remains unclear who was behind the snipers who shot protesters and police officers in kiev, hastening the fall of yanukovych, he now claims that the government in kiev pushed on its own people. He accused the western government of being blind: "have you forgotten what fascism is?" he did not comment on the separation of crimea from ukraine, but explained the 25. He said that he did not consider the elections scheduled for may to be representative and announced that he would return to ukraine as soon as possible and probably soon.

The national security and defense council of ukraine today decided to establish a national guard from the troops of the ministry of internal affairs to protect the country and its citizens from all criminals, interim president alexander turquinov said. In addition, a partial mobilization of the army and the national guard was declared.

Ukraine is now in need of moral support and equipment help. Turchinov reminded the countries that promised security guarantees for ukraine to honor their commitments. In 1994 ukraine handed over nuclear weapons to russia and joined the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. For this the country received security guarantees from the usa, russia and great britain for the preservation of the sovereignty and the existing borders. So the usa and great britain are addressed. In addition, the interim president warned "soldiers and agitators calling for armed conflict to begin. We were not allowed to follow their calls."

Admiral ihor teniuk, the minister of defense, stated that after the declaration of independence, every operation of the ukrainian armed forces in crimea was presented to the international public by the government there as violence against its own people. Officially, no russian troops are deployed there. Moreover, the crimean government has not imposed a state of emergency, which would be a legal condition for the deployment of troops inside the country. The ukrainian armed forces have been underfunded and poorly equipped since independence.

As of today 19 o’clock 5 russian channels are no longer allowed to be broadcasted in ukraine.

The eu is rushing to support ukraine or western ukraine or to pull it to its own side. Eu commission president barroso promises a unilateral free trade agreement, which could come into force as early as june, i.E. Even before any association agreement.

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