Microsoft edge: current browser version against vulnerabilities

Microsoft Edge: Current browser version against vulnerabilities

Microsoft has the latest version of the chromium-based edge browser for all available platforms 87.0.664.57 raised. As usual, the update followed with easy delay on google’s chrome update and includes the same fixes for the chromium base. Four vulnerabilities were eliminated "high" and two with "medium"-classification.

For most users, the updating of the edge browser was allowed to have been automatically installed in recent days. The version number of the browser is over the area "settings" — "information about microsoft edge" retrievable. If the browser is not up to date, retrieving the version number also accuses the update search. Overview of all edge security fixes, microsoft provides ongoing security advisory for the chromium edge.

Google’s update environment for chrome was to be found that attackers over three of the "high"-vulnerabilities in different components of the web browser were able to exclude (use-free-) memory errors. Something like that usually leads to crushes and could also allow the infiltration of malware. The fourth vulnerability with "high"-classification fubs on insufficient data validation in the javascript engine v8. Clean details neither google nor microsoft, to not play attackers in the hands.

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