Iphone 12: chip provider indicates later sales start

IPhone 12: Chip provider indicates later sales start

More and more points to a later start of the "iphone 12" and "iphone 12 pro" towards: anyway before the importation of new iphone models of untillight launt is to be expected this time a quarter later than usual, the wireless chip provider broadcom shared, which pays to the large iphone suppliers.

Apple was not named name, corporate boss hock tan spoke only of a delay in an important product cycle of one "coarse north american customers from the mobile phone industry" – tan already commonly used description for the iphone manufacturer, which is known to look more likely to look into the cards.

Reports over production tool

With regard to iphone components, tan emphasized in a conference circuit with analysts at the same time, the company is "in it", this time only a question of timing. The sales premium will expect this year only in the fourth business quarter, which extends at broadcom from the end of june to the end of september 2020. Broadcom’s third business quarter will therefore this time that "deep" represent the business year, so tan.

According to previous media reports, apple has pushed the mass production of the 2020 iphones by about one month – due to the corona crisis. It is both a response to storage in supply chain and product finding as well as general shifting in consumer demand.

Iphone 12: four models in new design

Apple introduces new iphone top models habitually in september and often brings them into the market in the further course of the month. However, even in recent years, individual model series started later – accordingly, the sales start of the iphone 12 in october or spad was made at the beginning of november.

New iphone design is expected this year, reminiscent of the edifier shape of the iphone 5. In addition to support for 5g mobile networks, apple was also allowed to import four model series for the first time, two of them with a new screen size: besides a compact 5.4"-iphone and two 6.1"-models (12/12 per) also seems a new one "max"-top model with a little rough 6.7"-display planned.

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