Google and youtube stop prefetching polit bill

Google and YouTube stop prefetching polit bill

As a result of the violent initiation of us capitol, google’s political advertising temporarily exposes. Also ads that address the official entertainment procedure against the outgoing us prasident donald trump, the investment joe biden or the capitol’s capitol, does not convey the company at the moment. This also applies to youtube.

This has been communicated to google on wednesday. The restriction should be at least until 21. January, the day after joe biden’s investment as a new us prasident, take. Google has long been standing against content that collected to violence or spread hate, threw it. "We will be extremely careful to enforce with any advertising that exceeds this line", stop google.

Airbnb locks upstream, paused in dc

The domestic intelligence fbi warns in all 50 us states before further political violence from the weekend. Armed bands of trump fans have explored their again. To reduce the influx into the us capital washington, dc, airbnb has canceled all bookings in the region.

The company gives his customers back their money and still pays the hosts. The regional pause is also valid for airbnbs service hoteltonight. In addition, airbnb seeks under his own customers after participants in the overflow experiment of last week and locks their accounts permanently. Basis are, among other things, public arrest lists of police keeps.

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