Egpu with pro-display xdr support

EGPU with Pro-Display XDR support

The apple accessory specialist sonnet has presented two new egpu boxes with improved graphics performance specifically for mac users. The devices are particularly compact and come in the form of a so-called puck – as you will be connected via thunderbolt 3 to the apple calculator. In addition, a hub function is integrated with two usb-a connections. Both models come with radeon rx cards of the 5000 series.

Three screens operable

The egpu breakaway puck radeon rx 5500 xt is equipped with an amd radeon rx 5500 xt and is offered for the price of $ 600 – euro prices are still out. The egpu breakaway puck radeon rx 5700 has a faster amd radeon rx 5700 and costs $ 300 more.

Sonnet emphasizes that with the egpu box, apple’s pro display xdr with 6k lets, no matter which intel-mac with thunderbolt 3 it is – alternatively it may also be the ultrafine 5g offered by apple lg. Both egpu breakaway bucks supports up to three 4k displays with 60 hertz simultaneously or a 6k screen plus two 4k displays simultaneously.

Power supply unfortunately externally

The pucks at macbook air, macbook pro, mac mini, imac or imac pro with thunderbolt 3. It does not matter how much, how powerful is the integrated graphic. The pucks are comparatively portable and bring in comparison to regular egpu hopers – unfortunately external and quite voluminous power supply 1.5 kilograms on the scale. Connected notebooks can be charged up to 60 watts.

A 0.5 meter long thunderbolt 3-strip is at. At connections are besides said two usb-a sockets with usb 3.2 a display port, an hdmi port and two thunderbolt 3 ports installed. The memory equipment of the graphics cards is 4 gb (rx 5500 xt) or 8 gb (rx 5700) gddr6-ram. The delivery of the pucks starts now.

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