Digitalization proferen: occupations in lower saxony are progressing slowly

Digitalization PROFEREN: Occupations in Lower Saxony are progressing slowly

The occupation of the 50 vocational procedures for new digitization feeders is progressing in low-things. Although the money is willing to occupy the urgently needed jobs, but so far only part of the profunders could be occupied at the lower sachsian universities.

As the german press agency has experienced by the lower sachsian ministry of science, they have only been occupied by professors with professors and professors. At nine reputers, the appeal procedure is imminent. Growing out of 25 prheren. Here the places had to be rewritten. Another post is just before the tender.

Slow cast

In 2018, scientific minister bjorn thumler (cdu) was hopefully glamored that 2019 could give the first digital programs in lower saxony. The country provides 42 million euros for the reputers, the money should be in quintum, different rates. Initially, the volkswagenstiftung was also involved in financing, won it from the ministry of science and culture. Thumler said now: "i am pleased that more and more calls are given now. Demand in business and administration according to specialist and management fleets with information technology and information scientific expertise. For this we need a corresponding study offer."

More extensive study offer

Thumler stressed, the digitization protectors should set impetus in universities to advance the quality in study and teaching: "so we set lower saxony future festival." with the new jobs, the country wants to expand the study offer and prepare young people better on the technical challenges of the future. The new university teachers and teachers should research and teach – in divisions such as the artificial intelligence, telemedicine or autonomous driving.

The procedures are complex, in the appeal of the experts compete the universities in lower saxony with other universities worldwide. Another obstacle to the appeal is the corona pandemic. According to the ministry, in the context of the selection processes, frequently sample lectures provided that accounted for the crisis.

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