Cpac 2018: disagreement on auben and security policy

Cpac 2018: disagreement on eagle and security policy

Marion marechal-le pen. Image: cpac. Screenshot: tp

Ted cruz: the democrats are the party of lisa simpson, the republicans are the party of homer, bart, maggie and marge

The person who had caused the most media attention in the run-up to this year’s u.S. Conservative conference cpac spoke on the very first day: marion marechal-le pen, marine le pen’s 28-year-old niece who is herself active as a front national mp. She gave a speech directed mainly against the eu, in which france and its individuals are no longer free. Therefore, she called for building in other countries on what conservatives in the u.S. Had achieved. This is the only way they could win back their countries. "America first in us, france first in france" – said the politician, speaking with a (if you will) self-confidently strong french accent.

Another guest from across the atlantic, political nigel farage’s foster son raheem kassam, moderated a panel in which two very different perspectives clashed: an old neocon (by now, despite the prefix) position of former u.S. Ambassador john bolton, who pointed to russian cyber attacks deliberately "unstoppable" wants to react to deter, accused of china, "intellectual property" to "steal", and who thinks that if the muslim brotherhood is banned, the problem with islamism will be solved.

The other position was taken by m. Zuhdi jasser, a son of syrian immigrants from the american islamic forum for democracy. He drew bolton’s attention to the fact that the ideology of the muslim brotherhood will live on if it is banned, but that it will then be harder to monitor. According to him, islamic extremism must be fought in an intellectual confrontation with it – a purely militaristic ware like a game of whack-a-mole, in which a mole emerges from another hole immediately after a blow has been struck. And he considers saudi arabia to be only in the short term a composite of the united states, because this country nurtured the ideological foundation of the jihadists and demanded.

Erielle davidson of the hoover institution, the third panelist, seemed like a token woman between these two positions: she was asked to speak often by raheem kassam, but what she said did not carry the weight of what the other two said.

New conformism

Not the entertainment value one might have expected, the panel titled "kim jong un-iversity – how college campuses are turning into re-education camps". This was also due to the fact that among the six rather well-behaved participants there was no new milo yiannopoulos, whom cpac had uninvited at short notice last year after sarcastic remarks about homosexual youth experiences with an elderly catholic priest (cf. Milo yiannopoulos wants to found his own media company).

Charlie kirk of the student group turning point laid out mostly old news: that today’s conformists "look different, but think the same", that their idea of diversity excludes tolerance of dissenting ideas, that they do not believe in dialogue and even proclaim it aggressively, that it is not primarily a political ie but a cultural one, and that the process they are setting in motion "opression olympics" ("opression olympics"), incentivizes people not to overcome their victimhood, but to settle into it.

In the meantime, however, the unintended consequence of the new conformism is what paul joseph watson describes elsewhere with the slogan: "conservativism is the new counter culture, populism is the new punk" to the point. More surprising was his call to tax the endowment funds of us universities and to stop donating to them because they had too much money anyway, as shown by their demand of the sjw subcultures.

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