Cloud native: kubermatic kubernetes platform 2.16 integrated open policy agent

Cloud Native: Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform 2.16 integrated Open Policy Agent

The hamburg company kubermatic (formerly loodse) has version 2.16 of his kubermatic kubernetes platform (kkp) published. In the new release, users of kubermatic api are given access to the open policy agent (opa), which allows the central authorization and enforcement of compliance and company-internal guidelines. The open source project provides a declarative language with which policies deposit as a code and can be used in microservices, kubernetes, ci / cd pipelines, and api gateways. In art kkp releases kubermatic opa also wants to integrate completely into the ui of the platform.

More gitops functions for infrastructure-as-code

For administrative tasks, kkp 2.16 some new gitops features ready to dynamically add and configure the option to add and configure data centers to use. Over the preset management, different environments can also be preconfigured and providers when creating new kubernetes clusters are available for selection – for example for development projects or production. In order to keep more targeted control over the infrastructure costs, the gitops approach can be used to centrally determine the resource requirements in detail.

With a view to better support for machine-learning applications, kubermatic integrates kubeflow on a new add-on for the first time in its platform. About operator can be put on kubeflow on the kubermatic kubernetes platform to simplify data scientists and ml experts the deployment of ml workflows too cloud-uplifting. However, the kubeflow add-on is currently in the status of a preview.

Support for coreos finished

Other innovations will pay the final farewell to coreos, which had already reached in may 2020 end-of-life (eol). Kkp 2.16 does not support clusters that still use coreos. Users who need support for a migration can be found in a blog post.

A complete overview of all improvements and new features of the apache-2.0 license as open source available kubernetes automation platform containing enforcement to kkp 2.16.

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