Bosch builds batteries for mild hybrid in eisenach

Bosch builds batteries for mild hybrid in Eisenach

The supplier bosch manufactures its 48 volt batteries for mildhybrid cars in germany also in germany. Production should be built at the factory in eisenach and start in summer 2021, as the company on thursday (27. February 2020) notified. There is already a so-called pattern production. In series bosch builds the 48 volt batteries so far only in china. The cells are constructions of the chinese manufacturer catl, with which bosch had received a strategic cooperation last year. Catl builds a new cell factory together with bosch at erfurter cross. Until they are ready for use and bosch can be supplied in eisenach from there, the cells from the catl main plant come in china.

48 volt mild hybrid support the internal combustion engine and should reduce consumption. In contrast to plug-in hybrids, they can not be charged externally, but recuperate. Bosch expects that 2025 about 20 percent of all new cars sold worldwide will have a 48 volt system on board. The battery production in eisenach should bring about 120 workplaces, which according to the information, but coarse parts are occupied with professionals who are already working at the location.

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