sells devotional objects of armed us gangs sells devotional items from armed us gangs

Amazon.Com continues to trade merchandise featuring logos of two armed gangs of trump supporters. The two organizations were involved in the attempted overthrow in washington, dc. Employees of the online retailer have already weeks ago demanded the exclusion of such devotional items. As before, they can be purchased from amazon.Com order.

The goods are offered by third-party merchants, but held in amazon warehouses and delivered with the help of amazon’s logistics. This reports vox. Opposite the website, amazon.Com referred to its terms of use. Apparently they allow the sale of such devotional items as long as the organizations are not officially classified as terrorist organizations. sells devotional items of armed us gangs

The fbi is using this photo to search for this man who allegedly violently attacked federal agents at the u.S. Capitol on wednesday. He is wearing a symbol of an armed gang of trump supporters. Employees of amazon.Coms no longer liked to sell merchandise with such logos.

One of the two gangs conspired to start a civil war for trump. A leader of the other gang in the western coastal state of washington had called for the occupation of the capitol in olympia, the capital there. However, the man abandoned this plan after the failure of the attempted coup in the federal capital of washington, dc, located on the eastern seaboard.

Firearms training and bomb-making experiments

Back in october, the gang’s deputy leader in wisconsin made headlines for hosting firearms training and bomb-making sessions for a group in july. This group allegedly intended the hostage-taking of the governor of the us state of michigan. The instructor does not want this plan to be supported.

There is no indication that the two armed gangs will be officially declared terrorist organizations under trump’s presidency. On monday, the u.S. Government has rather the republic of cuba as "state terrorism supporter" . Only iran, north korea and syria are on this list.

Anti-democrat merchandise in many stores

Canadian web store infrastructure provider shopify has shut down trump’s fan store, as well as his election campaign’s store. However, shopify still supports other online stores that have been selling impactful merchandise, including t-shirts commemorating the day of the attempted coup to the "maga burger war" was called for.

This expired shirt is now no longer on sale there. Ebay has also removed it from the offer.

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