Airpods 3 allegedly come later

AirPods 3 allegedly come later

The next airpods generation could be a long time: according to information of a true analyst, apple has shifted the start of the mass production of the airpods 3 into the third quarter 2021 – how originally planned to begin in the current first half of the year.

This is also a youngest speculation, apple will introduce the new airpods already at an event in marz – about two years after the last update in the spring 2019.

Analyst expects decreasing airpods sell

A reason for the alleged deprivation of the start of production was not mentioned. The increasing competition through cheaper true-wireless headhorters drove in the full year 2021 to a rint of airpods-selling, the analyst ming-chi kuo predicted investment bank tf international securities, as well as macrumors reported.

Kuo estimates that apple delivers around 78 million airpods in the current year – after 90 million last year 2020. Even a very high demand for the new airpods 3 will probably not stop the ruckle, so kuo. Only relatively few customers are so far will be charged to spend 100 us dollars for true wireless ear hohr. After estimating the analyst, the new, expensive airpods max will only play a very small role in apple’s airpods business, kuo estimates their rising stuck to 1 million.

Airpods 3 in the style of airpods pro

The expected third generation of the airpods is based on reports and images according to the design of the more expensive airpods pro and relies on a significantly more short and thus less striking stem. In addition, interchangeable ear inserts are in the conversation in the airpods 3, which could allow a better earan stand. Features like the active amort-prere allowed to remain the more expensive airpods pro / max.

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