Why chevy is no longer chevy

Now it is called chevy or chevrolet? In the us, a violent discussion has broken out of it. The starting point was a service manager of general motors, which brought american cars to the palm tree. In a circular to the employees, the management called to use only the official name chevrolet. Chevy barely believed outside the home market, which always drove to confusion, won it for reasons.

After the announcement of the name bunk, the emotions cooked in internet forums and the media. "That’s the stupest thing i’ve been lady for a long time", a chevy fan emerged. The commentator of the nationwide tv channel cnbc spoke of one "american cult brand", connetting that you do not jump so. "Chevy will not disappear", he said. The management, obviously surprised by such a violent reaction, might be due on thursday to damage limitation. The internal communication is "badly formulated" have been, the group tip apologized. "We love chevy." in a globalized world, however, a unique brand is unequivocal. In any way, however, customers or fans should be held away to continue to use the nickname.

For special emports had taken care that gm had asked his workforce to give up the nickname chevy even in dealing with family and friends. Chevrolet sales leader alan batey, who had signed the instruction, ruded on the video portal youtube back. An pr man asks him in front of a camera: "we can use chevy as a gm employee?" batey answers: "certainly we can." when people named chevy, show how closely they were connected to the brand, said batey. "Like friends." however, the manager reminded that on every car and every handler only the official chevrolet stands. "Chevy is a nickname."

Chevrolet is by far the most important brand in the gm group and in more than 130 countries prasent. "For every car we sell in the us, we sell two in ubersee", said batey and was a reason for the effort to use a uniform name. Around 3.5 million cars with the golden logo roll roles in the ribbon. Gm sells highly different vehicles under the name depending on the country: in germany, the cars of the sudkorean daughter daewoo have been working under chevrolet since 2005. (daniel schnettler, dpa)

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