Ups uses electro delivery vehicle in germany

Ups, according to own information of the world-growing parcel delivery service, has put its first purely electrically operated delivery vehicle in germany in germany. The transporters used in hamburg comes from the british company modec. Aerial reminiscent of the small truck largely reminiscent of the classic, brown ups delivery vehicle of type p60.

For the drive, a 75 kw strong electric motor ensures a maximum torque of 300 nm. Charging the battery takes place via an external charger and lasts according to ups "in the battery-type used in germany", which is not described, an average of eight to nine hours. The range in the delivery procedure in a coozadt is 90 to 100 km. As with hybrid vehicles, ubrid, when galvanizing, makeup power energy into electricity (recuperation) – so the vehicle is prowninized for the city traffic. The highest speed is limited to 80 km / h as with all ups delivery vehicles.

In germany, the logistics provider wants to use further funf vehicles of this kind, ups germany announced. In london, an electric transporter of the same type since april 2008 in the day-to-day use. On the 10th. November had a manufacturer modec concerning that ups has currently ordered a total of two vehicles, one of which was determined for the coincidence and the other for germany.

According to own information, ups has more than 1600 worldwide "alternatively powered vehicles". You use delivery vehicles with a variety of drives to by this "traveling laboratories" collecting insights that also benefited the car manufacturers to further develop alternative drive techniques.

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