Turkey and france on confrontation course

Turkey and France on confrontation course

Ypj fighter of the rojava defense units. Against is and now turkey and islamist militias, kurds highlight women’s political and military role. Image: ypj

President macron received a delegation from rojava and ared support, the turkish vice-president threatens to attack french soldiers as well

French president emmanuel macron received a delegation of high-ranking kurdish, arab, and assyrian politicians and representatives of the "syrian democratic forces" (sdf), to which the kurdish self-defense units ypg/ypj also belong. Turkish president recep tayyip erdogan was informed about the meeting by the french ambassador in ankara.

The delegation was also attended by asya abdullah, the co-chair of the "movement for a democratic society" tev-dem, various council leaders from afrin and cizire cantons, ypj spokeswoman nesrin abdullah, and dr. Xalid îsa from the representation of the self-government of northern syria, participated.

During the talks, macron pledged that france would provide military support for the defense of the region. This applied to manbij and also to the other regions. France would "very quickly" send troops to manbij in northern syria to block the advance of turkish troops, french media reported. There was also talk about humanitarian and medical aid for the fled people from afrin.

It seems that erdogan’s plan to conquer manbij will be thwarted unless he risks a military confrontation with france. For the "democratic federation of northern syria" this is a political breakthrough on the international stage. During the hour-long talks at the elysee palace, the following was emphasized, "that the problems that exist in syria can only be solved with a single terrorist organization … The administration as well as the foderation of northern syria can be solved", reports anf.

Macron stressed that there was "no operational link" of the sdf with the terrorist organization pkk. The french president also offered to mediate between the northern syrian federation and turkey.

The rejection of this offer from the side of turkey came posthaste, combined with a clear threat of erdogan towards france: "after this behavior, france no longer has the right to complain about a single terrorist organization, terrorist or terrorist attack", erdogan said in ankara. "Those who get into bed with terrorists and even receive them in their palaces will realize their mistake sooner or later."

Turkish deputy prime minister bekir bozdag threatened france via twitter that those who cooperated and showed solidarity with terrorist groups against turkey would be treated the same as terrorists. He hopes france is not so irrational.

The newspaper "le parisien" reported that macron had announced that french troops had been deployed in the manbij area. They are supposed to protect the region against the advance of the turkic army in cooperation with the united states.

Confusion over trump’s reforms

American media reported that u.S. President donald trump said during a speech to industrial workers that the u.S. Would "very soon" were withdrawn from syria and "the other people have now become concerned about it". This caused confusion in various media outlets. Trump does not appear to have coordinated his withdrawal plan with the department of defense, as department spokeswoman heather nauert, when asked, said she was not aware of trump’s plan.

Senior u.S. Military officials in northern syria reacted angrily about trump’s auberations: "we are so close to victory that we could wipe out the is caliphate in syria", a u.S. Special forces commander told nbc news. More than half a dozen senior officials shared the commander’s views, nbc news reported. According to other media, the usa, on the other hand, strengthened its troops in manbij.

Turkic propaganda

France, with its support, is giving the sdf some breathing space by showing turkey its limits. And this is necessary, because the humanitarian situation of the people who fled afrin is getting worse every day. The german doctor michael wilk has just returned from afrin and reported in todayplus about catastrophic conditions.

The video report shows how the turkish state television is spreading propaganda against the kurds in afrin. A kurdish civilian tells the reporter: "you (turkic soldiers and allies) kidnapped and raped 3 little girls from our village yesterday, you took everything from us." the turkish reporter translated: "we are glad that you are here."

The video, which was falsified by the turkish television, is based on a video of the bbc. The actual content, a report on the atrocities committed by the turkic soldiers, is subtitled in english.

"Afrin city council" formed in turkey

Meanwhile, in gaziantep, turkey, a ‘afrin city council’ was formed under the supervision of the turkish intelligence service. Firat news agency reported that the council, headed by hasan sindi, a kurd, also includes members from the kurdish national council for syria (enks). Enks is close to the barsani clan in northern iraq and is fighting the democratic aspirations of the northern syrian federation and the pyd party.

Enks is suspected of having ties to the nationalist militia "roj peshmerga" to be affiliated. According to kawa azizi, a representative of the kurdish national council (enks), the roj-peshmerga were trained by nato. Azizi declared that the units of the roj-peshmerga should also advance into northern syria against the northern syrian foderation.

The meeting to form the "afrin city council" in gaziantep was founded by the "association of independent kurds from syria" (pps) organized. The association was founded in urfa in 2016 at a congress organized by the turkish intelligence agency mit to fight the pyd and the ypg, and has close ties to the enks. Through the european center for kurdish studies (ecsc), whose treasurer is siyamend hajo, a well-known member of the enks in germany, the german government directly supported the enks with around 364 euros.753 euros.

In total, between 2013 and 2017, the german government provided projects of siyamend hajo in rojava/northern syria with about 958.838 euros to the. This became known in the meantime by a question of the member of the bundestag ulla jelpke (the left). Thus, the german government is not only supporting turkey with arms deliveries worth 4.4 million euros for the war in northern syria, but apparently also in the establishment of an administration in afrin that is loyal to turkey.

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