Three wishes at once

Hannover, 13. October 2011 – according to the longest for a long time in the smart tail potting triples unlegst ford, to bring a three-cylinder with around 100 hp in the focus, and vw also sets the "up"-models on this design because it offers more and more in the current downsizing trend. The first advantage of the three-cylinder compared to the four-cylinder is very eye-catching: you need less material at minus a combustion chamber, and less material costs less money. In addition, inner friction is reduced because there are fewer pistons and storage points, which leads to more net power: the engine is potentially efficient.

However, the crankshaft of a four-cylinder with uniform ties is easier to produce than that of a threesome because all four lifting pins are on a plane (flatplane). The tap distance then usually generally amounts to 180 °. When the wave rotates, for example, the two external cylinders move upwards, while the two hearts go down at the same time. Maybe that was why the motorcycle manufacturer laverda 1974 sold a three-cylinder with 180 ° lifting tap offset times in a force wheel. Francesco laverda’s family manufacture agricultural machinery, which is why he probably thought that his construction powdered the bones of his clients whose ears raped and as a whole as soft as a ax thief ran into the knee.

Second order does not have to be

However, the crankshaft, which has been gorgeable through better production, but the crankshaft for row recycling cylinder, but the lifting pins stores on the circle equally distributed: 120 ° offset, which results in the four-stroke motor regularly all 240 °. This constellation increases the effort in the construction of the crankshaft, but it also brings the perfect compensation of the mass faith as in the series socket cylinder: a triple with 240 ° round spacing does not produce the first or second order. The flat-plane four-cylinder, on the other hand, makes a high-speed otherwise felt at high speeds of second order, especially because of their 180 ° offset.

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