Three times two liters: renault laguna, ford mondeo and mazda 6 in the test

Three times two liters: renault laguna, ford mondeo and mazda 6 in the test

Munchen, 14. April 2008 – audi a4, bmw 3er or mercedes c-class each claim the top position among the compact limousines for themselves, but we leave it for today’s rating-neutral alphabetical payment. Away from internal ranking within this classy as high priced trio, it is not surprised that other manufacturers claim their shard at this lucrative vehicle segment. For comparable amounts and driving performance, they want to score with a favorable price-performance ratio. With renault laguna, ford mondeo and mazda 6, three aspirants with 2-liter gasoline engine are against each other in our test.

Body / interior

Since there is him only a funfturer, the renault laguna rolls on with coarse rear cover for comparison with the two limousines. Under the gross flap, however, a just 462 liters hides rough trunk – the lowest value in the field. After all, the car is simply loaded with bulky objects. To open the rear cover there is no special handle, you have to take under the lid edge. At the front, the gap is looked at between stobbing and bonnet as if this is not closed properly. But everything is correct, it is actually the air intake for cooling and engine. Otherwise, the laguna looks quite faded, especially the stern can almost go through and was allowed to hit the mass taste – no self-consolidation with the french design extravagances.

He is the biggest

The ford mondeo stands out visually among the three candidates. And not from about approximately: with a long of 4.85 meters he surpasses the mazda by ten and the renault even by 15 centimeters. Also with its width of 1.89 meters he stands worshiper than the two competitors. Only in the high must the mondeo be beaten by a centimeter to the laguna. With 540 liters trunk volume, the mondeo has the nose again. We have him as a fourth door in the test, but there is also him as a funfturer with coarse flap. The only one of the candidates the ford offers a shaped handle edge to open the tailgate.

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