Three ministers in front of exhaust detection committee

Vice-chancellor sigmar gabriel (spd) has joined the lack of declaration and a protrusion of the car industry in the exhaust scandal. Of the diesel manipulations at volkswagen, he first learned about press releases for the known scandal in the us in september 2015, said the minister of economic affairs on thursday (15.12.2016) in the committee of inquiry of the bundestag. Chancellor’s chief peter altmaier (cdu) horte by his own words also from illegal practices. In january 2017, the committee ex-volkswagen boss martin wants to consult winterkorn as witnesses.

Gabriel made it clear that in his time as the minister of environment (2005 to 2009) was well known that there was criticism of environmental protectioners at the discrepancy between test quantities and real exhaust values. However, he did not get any indications of illegal methods. Terms such as "shutdown devices" of the exhaust gas purification, which now became known in the volkswagen, he did not belong in his talks. "Nobody was able to provide evidence for suspicion."

"No documents you had to check"

Altmaier said, at the beginning of his term as the environment minister 2012, be in a conversation with german environmental aid for deviations from test values and real values. However, the environmental assistance has not been described as punishable or unlawful. For possible illegal methods, he did not receive any documents that could be examined. The topic was then no longer available from another side to him.

Gabriel called the exhaust scandal "a zasur" beyond the volkswagen group. For the auto industry and the brand "made in germany", it is necessary to recover confidence over damage limitation. He has therefore urgently clarified in spoken with volkswagen and used for rapid importation of new test procedures at eu level. The minister contradicted, germany has made a lot of new limits for laxer new limits – on the contrary.

Gabriel named it "ungirdig" that it came to the manipulations at volkswagen. Without today’s knowledge, he had not kept it possible for one of the largest companies in the world to violate significant criminal energy against law. As a minister of economics, it had been important after the scandal at the same time that not the whole german industry, all volkswagen employees and the diesel engine generally fall into miscredge.

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