Three compact sports in comparison

Three compact sports in comparison

Hair, 16. July 2007 – what are germany’s most popular cars? Natural compact cars. 860.000 stuck went in 2006 under people. Chic, affordable and extremely practical are the attributes that assign the car to a place in the hearts of the buyers. And for those who are heaters in tremendous sportiness, there are the trained top models of the respective series. We leave the 230 hp golf gti edition 30 against the 240 hp muscle man seat leon cupra and the ford focus st with 225 hp. The focus drove us as a three-estres, the other two had two entries more to offer. To judge the greedy gaze of the three, the decision could be damned scarce.

Engine / gear
when it comes to sport, the economy comes into the background. So beat in all three combatants gasoline hearts. In gti edition 30 and leon cupra, the four cylinders of the identical displacement are available: two liters. The focus unit offers a cylinder more and provides 2.5 liters of displacement. This immediately affects the torque: at the focus already at 1600 rpm the maximum 320 newton meters of the crankshaft. Gti and leon come to 300 newton meters at 2200 rpm. All together is a six-speed circuit. The paper shape of the drives is very similar, how do you get in practice?

Stalk with tradition in gti edition 30

To the 30. Birthday of the golf gti was in 2006 with a year of delay a birthday present to the fans: the gti edition 30 was born. For each of his years of life, there was an additional horse-starch, so the engine now does 230 hp – the highest gti so far. These are just 20 hp less than in the golf r32. The 30 additional ps is allowed by an upgrade of the boost prere from 1.8 to 1.9 bar and adapted engine control. To make the engine fit for the compulsory-run-ended increased amount of hot quantity, cylinder head, connecting rods, pistons and piston rings were made of a particularly heat-resistant material. When driving, so from 4000 rpm, the gti fails properly to pipes. The good sound makes a look like and forces permanent lead dub. In 6.8 seconds it goes to tempo 100, at 245 km / h is supposedly end. But the gti edition 30 seems to be delivered without electronic decrease – on a slightly firing track, the speedometer countered at 268 km / h. As food for the highest performance, gti edition 30 needs the most expensively available juice: super plus. 7.9 liters are burned per 100 kilometers. Although the acceleration is tremendous, there is a pretty moderate in comfortable golf. On the escaped turbochobe we wait awarded.

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