Railway starts free wifi at more than 100 bahnhofen

Railway starts free WiFi at more than 100 Bahnhofen

Railways and visitors can now be downloaded from more than 100 bahnhofen throughout germany for free in a new wlan network of deutsche bahn. First of all, concomitantly, large-scale railway farms such as koln, munchen or hamburg, as the german press agency from group circles learned. But even on smaller places like trier, straubing or sylt, the offer is now available. So far, the deutsche bahn offered free of free internet only in its long-distance train.

Uniform infrastructure under construction

Due to the difficult technical implementation, the internet connection from the point of view of many travelers is there but often interrupted. In addition, the passenger at the bahnhofen can often only log in to other, paid networks about the telekom. This shall be changed now. The aim of the group is a uniform wi-fi infrastructure, so that travelers in long-distance traffic on arrival at the train station must not have extra to a new network. The project was announced by the federal group already at the turn of the year.

For many travelers in germany, the wlan network is also important in the train because the mobile reception is still bad on the track. This is mainly due to a few broadcasts along the tracks, for which the mobile service providers are responsible. But one reason is also the warm insulating discs of the rapid drawings, which hardly pass through the signal.

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