New toyota ruckrufe: voltage transducer, engine

The japanese car concerts toyota needs to be 370 again worldwide.Over the workshops for engine and hybrid problems in the workshops. As the industry prime announced on wednesday, around 201 are.000 hybrid-powered gelandelimousines (suv) affected, including the model lexus rx400h. At the cars there are problems with the voltage converter. In germany, the imported series from september 2004 to december 2008 are affected, toyota germany participates, concrete is about 4393 delivered vehicles. The defect is loud toyota’s technique driving succinct. When fault in the voltage converter, the vehicle remains mobile, depending on the estimation of the error, the engine warning light may be lighted up. So you can still go to the workshop when the adac recommends from different reasons to prevent backrests best at the next occasion.

In addition, in the rest of the world around 169.000 other cars, including the lexus gs350, lexus is350 and the crown model, to access the workshops due to faulty engine parts. Also in these cases there are no reports about unfalls or injured in a row the defect, strolled it. Of the affected loaningimousines are around 141.000 cars in north america, 37.000 in europe and 15.000 cars affected in japan. From the shortcoming vehicles affected vehicles account for 106.000 in north america, 59.000 on japan and 500 on europe, strolled it.

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