Munch, mondrian and marinetti

Munch, mondrian and marinetti

Wassily kandinsky – composition vii (1913)

What became public domain in 2015. Part 1: the painters

The preview, what to the 1. January 2015 becomes public domain, this year is a review. This is due to the fact that in 1944 mainly important painters died, whose works could not be seen until after 31. December 2014 may depict relatively without risk.

One of them is blue rider co-creator wassily kandinsky, who not only created numerous paintings and prints, but also theoretical writings such as point and line to flat (1926), in which the synasthete aligns colors into pairs of opposites and assigns them specific shapes and properties. After that, for example, a circle should be blue and a square should be red. In addition, the professor, who taught at the weimar bauhaus from 1922 until its closure in 1933, designed a perfume bottle for the koln company farina in 1912. 14 of the works of the professor who was awarded a doctorate on the "lawfulness of workers’ wages" the paintings by the russian lawyer with a doctorate were part of the anti-exhibition at the end of the 1930s degenerate art, 43 others removed national socialist burocrats from german museums.

munch, mondrian and marinetti

Wassily kandinsky – on woman (1923)

At least as famous as kandinsky is the norwegian painter edvard munch. He is known mainly for his painting the cry, although there are numerous other works worth rediscovering. Among them, for example, the 1885 painting torn apart by contemporary art critics the sick child, his portrait of friedrich nietzsche (1906), his madonna (1893), his spring (1889) and his vampire (1918), but also his theater posters and magazine illustrations. The bipolar alcoholic defined his symbolism as a naturalism, which "shaped by a mood" becomes. The camera can be likened to one of munch’s better-known sayings "not compete with brush and palette, as long as you can not use it in the sky and in the hell".

Munch, Mondrian and Marinetti

Edvard munch – fear (1894)

Piet mondrian’s work, which was used as a model for a handbag design as early as 1933 and subsequently for numerous other products ranging from mugs to hair lotions, shows that taking up elements from paintings is by no means detrimental to the painter. The fashion designer yves saint laurent, who launched several dresses in the mondrian style in the 1960s, not only increased his fortune with them, but also with the mondrian originals he collected: after his death, the 1922 painted composition with blue, red, yellow and black 21.5 million euros.

Like kandinsky and munch, mondrian also wrote theoretical works on art and architecture. They are strongly influenced by his belief in theosophy, an esoteric quasi-religion that reached its peak in the late 19th century. And early 20. The nineteenth century had. With this quasi-religion, the de stijl co-founder founded his typical rectangular paintings in red, blue and yellow. The right angle and the cross shape were for him as well as the primary colors elements of a "pure" and "spiritual" reality. The vertical thereby embodied the principle of the masculine, the horizontal that of the feminine. According to the calvinist teacher’s son, these principles are also represented in visible nature, for example in the vertical (phallic) tree or the horizontal sea.

Piet mondrian – composition with red, blue and yellow (1930)

Much less known than kandinsky, munch and mondrian is the german late expressionist kurt scheele. He was considered by the national socialists to be "degenerate" was classified and banned from exhibiting his work, but at the age of 35 he was sent to the eastern front, where he was captured by the russians and probably died of starvation typhus. Scheele’s fate is particularly tragic because shortly before he had been offered an art professorship in egypt, which he was unable to accept because of the war with england. And because a year before his death a bomb fell on his studio in berlin, causing a large part of his life’s work stored there to fall victim to the flames.

Munch, mondrian and marinetti

Kurt scheele – bird flight (1937)

The perfect interface from art to writing (which will be discussed in the second part of the review) is the italian futurist inventor filippo tommaso marinetti, whose work also just became public domain. Hans schmid wrote an article about him already in 2009 "cautious approach", the reading of which is still very worthwhile in 2015. So here’s not another word about marinetti and instead a link.

Munch, mondrian and marinetti

Munch, mondrian and marinetti
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