Mini cooper coupe by ac schnitzer tunt

Mini cooper coupe by ac schnitzer tunt

Aachen, 4. January 2012 – ac schnitzer has made the new mini cooper coupe as the first tuner. Among other things, new rims and a hearty toning exhaust system.

More traction

Although the performance increases for sd and s are still in preparation, for a good traction, but also in tight curves should already provide the schnitzer-block differential. It offers a blocking effect of up to 75 percent. The driving experience should also contribute the acoustic qualities of the stainless steel stoppaper with chromed racing exhaust cover.

No spoilers on offer

In addition, a four-piston brake system with slotted slices can be ordered. In addition, a high-adjustable racing race, a harder springs set, an aluminum-cathedral strut and a new stabilizer for the rear axle can be ordered. Fans of body attachments such as spoilers or sill widening will be more destroyed by this schnitzer conversion. Currently there are only a decor set and a rear sticker "technology design" to have. The customer also has the choice between bicolor rims in 18 inches or silver gases in 17 inches. In addition, a switch knob with digital gear indicator, an aluminum pedalerie, a bucket use, a hand brake handle called "black line" and fub mats from velours.

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