Luxury electric car lucid air is to come to europe at the end of 2021

Luxury Electric Car Lucid Air is to come to Europe at the end of 2021

Actually, the electro-luxury limousine lucid air is currently already rolling in europe’s dashes, it seems apparently nothing. In a short tweet-experienced manufacturer lucid motors now stimulate that the delivery in europe should start at the end of this year.

Originally, the 2016 commercial vehicle 2020 should come on the market, then shifted lucid to start at the beginning of 2021. On the website for the reservation will be available as availability "2022" displayed when users there "germany" also, for the us becomes "early 2022" display. Reports show that production 2021 should be recorded.

Riding for autonomous

The lucid air is to apply a capacity of just under 80 kw with a range of about 800 km in the export for at least 131.500 us dollars; the basic version with 650 km range should 69.000 us dollars cost. From 0 to 100 km / h it should create the e-sedan in 2.5 seconds.

This means that level 2 of automated driving should be possible on which the vehicle holds the track, brakes and accelerate, but the driver must always have his car under control. With an update, according to lucid motors level 3, on which the driver may shortly even more about something other than the traffic.

Among other things, the car should have an autonomous parking assistant, arouse asleep drivers, automatically emergency brakes and adjust the speed to the highway traffic. The driving assistance system dreamdrive with 32 multimodal sensors from cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors as well as long-range lidar.

Luxury electric car lucid air

Luxury Electric Car Lucid Air is to come to Europe at the end of 2021

the e-luxury sedan in the export from the summer of 2019. The range of about 640 km should ..

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