Lexus stops in north america sell suv gx 460

Yesterday was reported by american media that the lexus gx 460 of consumer reports is called security risk associated with the recommendation not to buy this car – "a do not buy" this is called the organization. Consumer reports is a kind "stiftung warentest" the united states, calls itself as a non-profit organization, does not accept advertising from sub-or free test objects. The magazine of the same name is below the top ten of the country and should have more than eight million subscribers.

Consumer reports had reported that the lexus gx 460 breaks down strongly at the limit on the limit on the limit before the esp reacted. Four test engineers came to the same result as they have the so-called "lift off-oversteer" performed, a driving manove in which one takes away the accelerator pedal in a curve to check the reaction of the car. This driving situation can be in the "true world" for example, if you use a motorway exit, suddenly an obstacle appears in a curve, or you’re simply too fast. The testers drove this attempt with each vehicle, also with all suvs. In the currently 95 suvs in the rating, this behavior did not occur, not even at the toyota 4runner, which uses the same platform as the failed lexus.

Toyota has responded to the reports within a day and asked everything lexus handlers prompted the gx 460 for the time being for the time being. So far, the company was able to sell about 6000 copies of the model, which had come to the market last december. Meanwhile, toyota also stopped the sale of the gx 460 in the neighboring canada, as the wall street journal reported. Toyota shows himself against the customer: every builder who has concerns to drive his gx 460, gets a rental car to the declaration for free. Consumer reports hopes that toyota can easily offer a software update possible, but until then, however, advice to take care of a motorway or on winding strain.

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