Lexus is 200d: new basic diesel in the driving report

Lexus is 200d: new basic diesel in the driving report

Baden-baden, 26. November 2010 – around 66 percent of the lexus-is builders are commercial users. Thus, the sedan has a similarly high proportion of business customers such as mercedes with the c-class, bmw and audi are around 10 percent of it. In order to further boost the fleet, lexus has taken a weaker diesel engine with the is 200d in the program. We were traveling with the base diesel to determine if the new addition is a reasonable motorization.

Entry for fleet customers

The is 200d is a throttled version of the 22-liter engine-known engine with 2.2 liters. The evolution of the weaker diesel is greeted by the fact that some customers were 177 hp of the 220d too much. In addition, 150 hp mark an important limit in the area of the company car. Parallel to the introduction of the new basic self-igner, lexus has easily handled the is series. However, the changes only for insiders are recognizable immediately. New are toned clear glass for the headlights with optional led daytime running lights, a mandated front-tail and red turn signal glass at the rear. The side view remains unchanged without playful lighting edges or beading, the design looks just four years after the model start still modern.

Little space

Some chrome evaluates the well-processed interior, although the materials used are not approaching the level, the customer in this class, for example, from an audi a4. An amusant detail is the green glowy digital clock in the 1980s style on the center console. The test car had the optional sunroof on board, which should be better waived the man over 1.80 meters bodygrobe. It roughs the headroom and leads in conjunction with the right flat a-saule to a cramped room gun. A recommendation is the expensive "f-sport" package in which the externally comfortable sports seats are included from the is-f. There is enough room for the legs on the ruckbank, but the sloping roof line provides for an unwanted near the head to the headliner. Almost falls out of the trunk: it sums up only 398 liters, for enlargement there is only one indulgence. For comparison: a threesome bmw offers 460 liters trunk.

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