Lexus gs 250 and gs 450h in the driving report

Lexus gs 250 and gs 450h in the driving report

Munchen, 8. June 2012 – the one looks over, the other economic effort: the two new lexus models gs 250 and gs 450h are far apart from our driving experiments. The fourth generation of the japanese limousines settled in the upper middle class now wants to glance with european virtues.


The new one does not want to be boring: with sleek-drawn barbecue, the mid-range model almost acts aggressive. In any case, the fresh face of japanese conveys sportiness. Also new: from the outdoor mirrors blitten led flashing lights now. That the gs is now two centimeters wider and three centimeters high than before, is not recognizable. "Gs" stands for "grand touring sedan", so travel limousine, like gs-chiefenieur yoshihiko kanamori notes. A combination version is not – which is not in demand at the main sales market usa.

Indoor very chic

The cabin of the gs is the japanese room designer succeeded: clear straight lines, right angles and noble wood or bamboo surfaces make the car a urban lounge. Head and legroom fit the front, the place is not too compliant. The geschl is brightly upholstered quite hard, but still comfortable enough for the long journey. In addition, lexus will not be moused to emphasize that the mass-mabig is installed the large monitor in the vehicle market: 12.3 inches measures the screen in the diagonal. However, the sale of the tesla model s is starting: the american electrov offers a 17-inch screen in the center console. However, the display of the gs will never be fully use. For example, the navi card can only be displayed on a half of the screen, on the other half, there is then optionally information for the audio system or consumption. The so-called remote touch control, with which the settings are made on the screen, proves to be quite laborious joystick – with the rotary prere actuators of bmw or mercedes, this sliding lever can not keep up.


When processing, lexus remains behind audi: the glove compartment of the gs hangs a very little little and the gap mab is not uniform. In addition, the ubergange is worked by the leather to the wood on the steering wheel unclean. There are also ergonomic weak: the buttons for example the optional head-up display (including deadwinkel-warner: 2150 euro) are links and the button for the electronic parking brake is hidden on the right behind the steering wheel. A head-up display present the driver’s important information in the windscreen, so in direct viewing on the strain. In itself a fine thing.But with his tiny coarse and its coarse-shocked graphics, the lexus-system gehrigen bmw solutions lags a good ten years afterwards. Good there is to report from the trunk of the 450h: since the battery is now vertically behind the ruckbank, the luggage portion wave by 21 percent to 482 liters. So far, the battery was stowed in a lying position – the further development of the battery cooling made the standing installation possible.

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