Lexus ct 200h in the driving report

Lexus ct 200h in the driving report

Cascais (portugal), 14. February 2011 – lexus is an established brand in germany, but well 2000 vehicles sold as in 2010 are basically too little. The new model ct 200h should and must change something that starts as a hybrid vehicle in the compact class. Lexus uses preserved toyota technology and enriches the whole with more luxury and improved suspension technology, combined with a less futuristic, setting ambience in the interior. That the lexus costs more than a tooyota, it is clear, but he can also settle away from this?

Hybrid system from the prius

The drive system distinguishes the lexus as well as nothing of the gentlere toyota brutern prius and auris. The ct 200h, like the prius, has a 1.8-liter gasoline 73 kw (99 hp) and a 60 kw (82 hp) strong electric motor. This results in a system performance of 136 hp. As a battery, a nickel-metal hydride battery is used as a nickel metal hydride. Lithium-ion batteries offered the same capacity with less volume, but the production capacity for this battery type was not built in the group, so lexus. The reliability of the newer technique is not yet well assessed. Like the prius, the lexus can drive about two kilometers loud and emissionlessly electrically electric, at a maximum of 45 km / h. As long as the battery charge allows it, you can force the electro mode by reading the ev button. By knob with the eco, normal and sports positions, determine how the hybrid drive reacts to the gas command, whereby other systems such as steering and esp are influenced.

Rubber band effect

If you accelerate with the ct 200h, it looks like a car with cvt gearbox: the car inserts load-dependent speed until you reach the desired speed to get quiet again. That he sometimes turns high than expected is quite wanted. It serves to operate in an effective area, whereas at constant ride a possible amount of surplus for economical operation ensures – and the low amustere level, which is actually expected in this class.

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