Homepod mini well in demand

HomePod Mini well in demand

Last friday, apple committed the pre-order start of three new products: two new iphones and an entertainment product. The latter, the homepod mini, developed into the unexpected bestseller – at least let the delivery periods shut. The small siri smart speaker, who has offered apple for under 100 euros, was only with delay within a few minutes after preorder-start. Meanwhile, the situation has even worsened – a christmas present will not be the homepod mini anymore.

At the end of december to mid-january

Who wants to buy at apple, is waiting for that "spacegrau" model up to 28. December, in the worst case until 5. January. The more popular sowing model are the delivery times even longer: here it will be before the 6. Until 12. Nothing anymore, the availability should not improve randomly.

Ball instead of cylinder

Instead of the cylindrical shape of the homepod, the mini-execution sets on a ball design with a network. As a high, the manufacturer indicates 8.4 centimeters, the width amounts to 9.8 centimeters. A touch control is integrated on the top as the homepod. The homepod mini sets a driver as well as a pair of passive toner and is erupted with the s5 chip. The sound should be adjusted automatically and continuously the music accordingly and thus deliver good sound even with changing sites.

Homepod gets a brother

Apple had the homepod since the beginning of 2018 in the program, but has not changed hardware since then. The group had had to hear criticism at the price, currently paying at the manufacturer 320 euros, in free trade (see price comparison) but it looks better. The latter can also be tried on the homepod mini – some handler seems to have even backed up stucco numbers for sales start.

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