Federal countries use luca app for tracking

Federal countries use Luca app for tracking

For tracking corona infection chains, the state of lower saxony has completed a one-year-old contract for using the luca app. The costs amounted to three million euros, shared the ministry of the interior in hanover on friday. The app should help with the model experiments of individual municipalities who want to test openings in trade, gastronomy or culture after easter. Until a month, all 43 niedersachsian health officers should be connected to the system of the luca app.

Mecklenburg-vorpommern, baden-wurttemberg and thuringen already use the luca app. For corona contact for visitors of the federal garden show in erfurt, according to minister prosident bodo ramelow (left), in addition to the corona warn app, the luca app should also be used. This is part of a comprehensive protection concept for the coarse event, said ramelow on saturday in erfurt. Electronic contact with the luca app is already rehearsed in a model project beginning on this monday in weimar to the opening of business and museums under pandem conditions. This is also a test for the federal garden show, which on the 23. April should be opened in erfurt.

Hesse introduces contact tracking via luca app

Hesse also wants to use the luca app for digital contact tracking. With the introduction of the app, the vaccine and test strategy should be sent in the case of evaporation of the pandemic, the digital ministry announced on friday in wiesbaden. The goal of the app is to replace paper lists coarsely part and document contacts. In the case of a proven corona infection, they were able to transmit and read directly to the state health department.

As part of an it service provider "dataport" hessed procurement procedures have his accession to the contract with the provider on friday "culture4life" explains, bothered it in the message. The appropriate service should be completed to the end of marz, so that the app in the next few weeks will be made available to all health stores as well as the land supporting and investigation office in healthcare (hlpug), explained the ministry.

"The luca app supports our efforts for art outlay steps, for example in trade as well as in the gastronomic and cultural sector and simplifies communication between health stores and operators as well as organizers", declared digital state secretar patrick burghardt. Already from coming week the software should be installed at the first six health stores. For the use of the app by the health officers, the state government has provided more than two million euros.

How the luca app works

For example, the luca app registers users with a restaurant visit or events by scanning a qr code with the smartphone. When leaving, people check out again. If at the same time a corona-infected person in which had been near, this information was carried out after appropriate release of privacy to the state-of-the-art health department, striking it.

The software runs the information according to all major smartphones. The trade, the gastronomy and the cultural area is currently available free of charge. Unlike the corona warning app of the covenant, the luca app not only collects whether someone had contact with a positive persons tested on corona, but also where the contact has taken place. Integration of the health markets could be accrued infection chains in terms of privacy. Other countries are negotiating the use. After easter, the corona warning app gets a check-in function for cluster detection, so that groups are to be warned anonymous who participated in an event.

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