Eu commission again complies with vw law

Eu commission again complies with vw law

Brussel (belgium), 24. November 2011 – in the dispute over the vw law, the eu commission sues the federal republic of germany on a million-heavy book money. For the second time, the eu authority for the second time in front of the european court of justice (ecj) for the second time has been revealing for ten years and calls for a change in the historically regulation at volkswagen. The "unjustified special position" of the state of lower saxony among the carmaker is abolished against eu law and muse abolished, the eu commission announced on 24. November in brussel with. If the federal government does not change the law, the commission requires a punishment of at least 46.5 million euros in court. The federal republic and not volkswagen had to pay this amount.

Grown historically

The so-called vw law ensures the special influence of the state of lower saxony at today’s volkswagen ag,. The vw law had entered into force in 1960, as the state volkswagenwerk g.M.B.H. Was converted into a stock corporation. At that time, 60 percent of the share capital was sold, 40 percent were initially at the federal government and country. With the law, the public hand wanted to protect the carmaker before a hostile suppuration. The eu commission now expects the federal government to abolish the pas in the law, the lower saxony with a 20 percent share ensures a blocking minority at the wolfsburg car maker. Generally ubroad in the stock law are 25 percent.

"Neoliberal arsonist"

Politicians and trade unions fear for the protective wall for the car manufacturer and the co-determination. Already in advance, therefore, massive criticism from germany had laughed at the new eu complaint. "Eu internal market commissioner [michel] barnier is a neoliberal arsonist," the lower sachsian ig metal district leader hartmut mine. "He obviously wants to eliminate the success model of extended co-determination at volkswagen from purely ideological reasons and distract from the actual problems in the eu."The lower sachsian minister president did not take a leaf in front of her mouth:" especially in the present time, where the european commission has to promote more acceptance in humans, it comes with a completely unnecessary infringement procedure around the corner, "said david mcallister (cdu) who is at the same time representative lower saxony in the vw supervisory board: "the time is almost grotesque."

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