Consumer protections warn against fake advertisements for apartments

Consumer protections warn against fake advertisements for apartments

Caution was: if you are looking for a holiday apartment, you should look closely at classifieds on the internet. On well-known online portals such as airbnb, ebay classifieds or apartments are currently waiting to find again and again fingered holiday homes and apartments, warns the consumer center of lower saxony.

Beautifers therefore use the gross demand for apartments and attract vacationers with unusually favorable prices and protect pictures of the rental apartments. When arriving hours the holidaymakers then before empty basic show. Or the accommodations are already rented.

No names, but prepayment

The consumer center calls features where travelers recognize our vices: for example, if booking, at the time of booking instead of a deposit immediately request the payment of the complete rent. Often missing name, address and telephone number of the landlord. Caution is also advised if the contact requires to leave the booking platform for further communication.

Whoever has been exchanged should reimburse advertisement at the police. If a payment has already been made, vacationers should also contact their bank to examine if jerse bookings are possible, consumer protections advise.

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