Cloudbees knows more sdm and devsecops functions

CloudBees Knows more SDM and DEVSECOPS functions

Cloudbees has attributed some extensions of its ci / cd product lines at the currently online devops world 2020. The software delivery management (sdm) is supplemented by two new modules, which, on the one hand, facilitate the roll-out of new functions of an application and should make the productivity of the engineering measurable and optable in addition. Overlooking continuous integration and continuous delivery, cloudbees also promises to make security an integral part of the pipeline workflows.

More security from the beginning

The new devsecops functions should help to involve security with succeed in ci / cd processes, for example, to ensure seamless audits and compliance over the entire process chain. Among others, cloudbees now also provides a habited version of its ci services, the highest safety standards – including the requirements of the us defense ministry (us department of defense – dod) -. More security also promise the detailed configurable settings of the role-based access control (rbac) as well as the advanced options for backup, restore and recovery. Cloudbees makes the open source tool velero available to ci available so far also usable for continuous delivery.

The feature flags for the acquisition of rollout are now fully available for ci / cd pipelines. The function gives software developers more control over the development and activation of new features in an application and decouples them from the standard mabigen releases and updates.

More flexibility and efficiency with sdm

The flexible feature management is now also integrated as a module in cloudbees sdm offer, so that the development department can also take advantage of product management more detailed insight and more influence on the functionality of applications.

The second new sdm module also aims for more comprehensive information on the development process for the decision-maker in the company. It bundles all relevant data required to make the productivity of the software engineering processes measurable – from software development over the quality arance to the delivery to the customer. The concept corresponds to the salesforce established approach of a software as-a service for customer relationship management (crm), such as cloudbees-ceo sacha labourey heise developer explained. Based on the collected and prepared data, manifests can understand whether the company’s objectives associated with an application are eliminated and implemented, and whether the resources used are effectively used for this purpose.

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