Chinese flood catastrophe also affects “iphone city”

Chinese flood catastrophe also affects'iphone city''iphone city'

The strong excess floods occurred in the chinese province of henan, where there were numerous dead to complain about, also concerns the city in which the central iphone plant is in the realm of the center. Zhengzhou, the capital of the province, is therefore also considered as "iphone city".

In the city live about 10 million people, around 100.000 of them should have been evacuated so far due to enormous rainfall and rising floods. There are at least 25 dead, seven more people are missing – the numbers were probably allowed to rise. In zhengzhou, among other things, the subway had survivors (where people died) and central areas of the city. In the city, the airport was closed, from all over china rescuers.

Apple wants donations

Apple boss tim cook sent the message on the chinese short message service weibo, the iphone manufacturer will donate for the tap and rescue events in hunan. "Our thoughts are those affected by the survivors in the henan province – and in the emergency hellmates that bring people to safety", so cook in chinese language.

Foxconn "observes situation exactly"

Currently it is unclear whether the flood disaster will also affect the iphone production. According to foxconn, also known under the name hon hai precision industry, the factories of the apple supplier are not affected by the overflows so far.

A statement against the us business station cnbc according to the central factory in zhengzhou, which pays to the most important iphone final assembly works in the country, is not "direct" from the flood catastrophe. The foxconn factory in zhengzhou plays a critical role in the production of the autumn expected "iphone 13". According to foxconn "if you observe the situation exactly" and have one "emergency plan for overflow control measures" enabled. It is unclear whether there are problems in the foxconn factory in the coming days. The company will "further inform if this is suitable", so the taiwanese group. Currently the rescue of human life is in the foreground.

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