Body: gm calls millions more cars

The deadly inflation due to defective tuning looser drove again to a mass relief in general motors. At 7.6 million sedans of the brands chevrolet, oldsmobile and pontiac, the end of the end of the end of the cowl. A similar problem have 616 worldwide.000 newer chevrolet kars.

At seven unpleasons with the vicinated limousines died after companies three people and eight were injured. But it was not yet clarified whether the defect wanted to the discontinued, the opel mother announced on monday in detroit. The share price of the company fell slightly in spade new yorker.

Only hours earlier, gm had presented a fund to the securitization of occupants, which had been killed or injured inas of ancient compact cars. This for years ignored defect in cowl locks had demanded 13 dead after companies and brought the whole jerk-shaft to rolls.

"Our customers deserve more than what we have offered to them with these cars," explained corporate code mary barra to the renewed random call. Overall, there were six stucco at the number, which relate to 8.4 million vehicles of the model years 1997 to 2014 worldwide. Opel models were not underneath, but the saab suv 9-7x.

Nearly 12 must have in europe.000 imported chevrolet alero as well as cadillac cts and srx in the workshop, as a spokeswoman of chevrolet in zurich on request said. Of unused defective tagging in europe, however, nothing is known.

In addition to the cowl locks, the electronics makes problems in the renewed jerking wave. "If any other problem becomes known to us, we will act appropriate and without zogern," promised barra. She tries in this way to preserve the trust of customers in the manufacturer. Until most recently, the sales were even increased in the particularly affected us market.

The consolidated committee, which has been involved since the beginning of the start of the sloppy members, systematically results in the compact cars for errors. Since the beginning of the year, the group has increased backrests, which are roughly calculated 29 million cars. These are about three annual productions.

The cost of repairs increases by the youngest jerk calls by a further $ 500 million to a total of around 2.5 billion dollars (€ 1.8bn) since the beginning of the year. The group had had to pay a penalty of $ 35 million to the traffic safety offices because of the dismissed jerk call. On the top of the fact, the payouts are made by the securities fund.

The lawyer kenneth feinberg ordered by the us automaker promised a "fast secure" on monday, which can be in the individual case with a million amount. There is no upper limit for the entire securate fund. The exact sum depends on the age, the severity of injuries and in the event of death, whether someone had to supply a family.

But the sticking point could become wen feinberg and his team as an accident victim. Consumer protections come alone with the compact cars on more than 300 dead. Einberg pointed out that first the application had to be checked. The inflates are mostly back for years.

With the 2.6 million alteren compact cars, the counter lock switch was too weak, which is why the end of the end of the tuning can jump back during the journey. This does not only switch off the engine, but also brake forceful, power steering, and at the worst case the airbags. Gm engineers ignored the defect despite sudden signs for more than ten years.

There are already a number of damages complaints of accident victims against the company, but their output is uncertain. It could be purely legally that today’s gm can no longer be considered to be accounted for the age of insolvency in 2009 for the ages. Also car owners who see an impairment of their cars complain against gm.

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