Bmw 1er four-vierer for chinese market

Bmw expands the 1er row in china by a front drive sedan. The new model was on monday, the 27.02.2017 introduced in the chinese market. The 4456 mm long and 1803 mm wide fourth energy is produced in the factory shenyang. So alone the chinese come in the doubtful enjoyment to drive the first front drive sedan with bmw propeller. The antique scaling stage was developed with 2670 mm wheelbase together with chinese engineers in munchen. The main competitor is the audi-a3 sedan whose subsignions are almost identical.

Optimized for china

In the development, the "variable-to-country climate and road conditions" was the focus "to ensure a suitable for everyday use and driving pleasure for the special conditions of the country."In plain language, that’s probably, with the 1er sedan you are especially dynamic in traffic jam. Because with sporty curvature the everyday traffic in chinese metropolises unfortunately has nothing to do. At least the serial climate control controls the bill and is optimized for everyday city mog. Your filters should keep a lot of exhaust gases away from the interior. The storage space under the level should take 425 liters.

First bmw sedan with front drive

For the first time, bmw brings one, officially described, "sports limousine" with front drive on the strain. The bmw authority work must first have to rewind that in press release still finds the text module in which the "balanced axle load distribution" is praised. For driven front rolls, you can give yourself association of engineering but.

Three- and four-cylinder turconines

The engine pallet consists of three turbocharged gasoline engines: a 1.5-liter three-cylinder with 136 hp (118i) and two two-liter four-cylinder. The 120i makes 192 hp and 280 nm at 1250 / min, the 125i brings it to 231 hp and 350 nm. All models are standard mab equipped with a transducer automatic transmission. At the three-cylinder, there are six, at the two two-liter models eight levels.

Variants with alternative drives are not intended for the 1-sedan. Bmw is silent at least so far.

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