Apple makes billions again

Apple makes billions again

Apple has again gone to investors to ie billions of bonds. This time, the bonds have a total of a total of 5.5 billion us dollars. The debt sale was successfully completed last week and allowed the sales-high group to take excellent interest rates.

Interest something worse than google

A 40-year paper is only 118 basis points of us federal bonds – significantly less than the previously thought of 135 basis points, such as the negotiations expert opposite the financial news agency bloomberg breed. Apple is thus significantly cheaper way than the e-commerce giant amazon, which achieved a short 130 basis points via us federal bonds. Only google succeeded with 108 basis points an even better deal.

Second bond since may

The market is very open against debt gross technical companies that have made the corona crisis well done well, very open. Apple uses the bonds especially to buy shares as well as pay dividends – the interest may deduct the group. In addition, the money can also be used for "basic business purposes" be used, such as the purchase of other companies or the day business. Jpmorgan, barclays and goldman sachs were apple’s bankers. Only in may apple had $ 8.5 billion on bonds.

Record numbers in june

Apple had rewarded record numbers in the june quarter – almost 60 billion dollars sales in a profit of 11.25 billion. The apple share has since streamed in the direction of a market capitalization of 2 trillion dollars – on friday, 1.97 trillions were reached, the course was almost unchanged. Apple had also called a stick split – so existing sharears per old share receive four new ones. Thus, the group wants to make the acquisition of individual share certificates favorable.

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