Triple saves better

Triple saves better

Ingolstadt / detroit, 13. January 2014 – audi is currently emitting such a considerable amount of studies that you can ever lose overview. It is therefore almost apologetic whenever development board ulrich hackenberg introduces the compact all-road with plug-in hybrid drive, the audi on the north american international auto show in detroit, "a very concrete view into the near future" is called. In the dreamy and three-engine shooting brake study shows audi on the car show of 13. To 26. January optical elements of simple sports car models, also the operating concept preserved series outlook. At 2.51 meters wheelbase, the car is 4.20 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and 1.41 meters high, these are dimensions similar to the a3.

Sliding center console

At 2.51 meter wheelbase, the car is 4.20 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and 1.41 meters high – these are dimensions similar to the a3. If you move the seat long, the center console moves with, so that the controls remain within reach. But since people with long legs regularly have long-slee arms, an individual fine adjustment is also possible. Say who pushes the seat backwards, the console must then jerk forward. You could probably have that cheaper.

As with the short presented animal interior of the new tt, the regulators for seat heating, temperature, orientation and strong of the airflow are in the middle of the round airduers; when accepting the hand you drive off. The menu structure of the mmi system should orient itself to smartphones, also the free text search. The touchpad of the mmi terminal allows quick scrolling and zooming. A coarse display in the center console is missing, there is only a 12.3-inch screen in front of the driver. In the classic view, the powermeter for the plug-in hybrid drive and the speedometer are in the foreground, in infotainment mode dominates the navigation card, and in sports mode, the tachometer is highlighted. Another future feature is the "phone box", which binds the mobile phone to the on-board electronics and charged as needed by induction.

Three-motor hybrid drive

The plug-in hybrid drive supplies 300 kilowatts or 408 hp system performance and a system torque of 650 nm. This is to achieve about 1.6 tonnes heavy study in 4.6 seconds tempo 100, at 250 km / h is corrected. The standard consumption is 1.9 liters per 100 kilometers, which corresponds to 45 grams of co2 per kilometer.

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