Three middle class pilots by 300 euros in comparison

Three middle class pilots by 300 euros in comparison

Hair, 24. January 2008 – the prices for useful mobilnavis have fallen, but for less than 200 euros, there are not many devices. As a golden mitte, the price range has established itself 300 euros. We have tested three such systems. All are you equipped with a quite rough display: 4.3 inches offer more overview than the 3.5-inch entry-level gates, but less the view of the strain than the 5-incher.

Falk f5 at the nobleest

Even when unpacking, the first differences between the three gets clear. The falk f5 is clearly the sendest device. It falls very flat and even fades through its stainless steel optics. Approximately as small and flat, but as listened in dark tone, the garmin nuvi 250w is. In contrast, the tomtom one xl clears clearly: it is significantly thicker and has a rounded back side. The wide edge also ensures that the device is a lot of voluminous than the other two navis. Also through the edge, the display is gross than the competitors – although all three displays are roughly rough.

Tomtom with impractical bracket

And something is already falling on when unpacking: the tomtom has the simplest bracket. It consists only of a suction cup, which is roughly rather, but liable badly. Also the full lever, with which one sucks out the last air between suction cup and disc glass, you miss here. At least that has the garmin holder; otherwise, this simple is falling out.

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